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Inland3175577Private Ownerprivate owner 
IP3214957Keith EichenlaubSOS 2013, KYWinchester barrel W mark with Ord Bomb stamp, Mounted with a M3 IR night scope. AAA rework stock stamp with a PU stock maker in the sling groove. SA trigger group. Pristine bore.
IP3215363Private OwnerPrivateUnderwood 1-43 barrel. Stock highwood S'G'. Nearly all parts S'G' marked.
IP3216265Private Ownergun shop-canadaall matching except stock underwood barrel dated 2 or 3 43 cant read clearly purchased in Canada for $325.00 in about 2007-8 owned in Canada dealer brought out of china
SGGR3217591Private OwnerCMP 
SGGR3226371Private OwnerCMPInland GM barrel 1944,un-marked stock, trigger SG, mag clip M, bayonet lug EM-Q, sight P
SGGR3229592GunnyPrivate Owner 
SGGR3240968Private OwnerPrivateBarrel Underwood 11-43 dated. All components S'G' marked except IP-W safety and IP-W mag catch
SGGR3245977Private OwnerCMP 
SGGR3247500derf-Private OwnerlgsUnderwood barrel: ?-43 (Month # illegible) Import marked C.A.I., Vermont Serial stamped in stock w/white paint (Isreali?)matches. Square Inspector stamp UEF/GHD, Ordinance wheel to right Low wood Standard Prod RWH stock marked P-U in sling groove IS oiler/ repro. sling- type three band
SGS3290408Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseExcellent condition with matching stock and Saginaw SG parts and barrel.
SGS3291780Private OwnerPrivateUnderwood barrel dated 5-44.
SGS3297655Korean importCMPArlington Od. import 1991
SGS3302236Private OwnerCMPUnderwood barrel 6-44
SGS3303621Private Owner in GermanyCMP 
SGS3315332Private OwnerCMP10-43 IBM barrel
SGS3323624dpd3672Private PurchaseUndated Saginaw barrel.
SGS3331435Private OwnerCMPUn-dated IBM marked barrel
SGS3335532Private OwnerPrivate purchase 
SGS3339808Private OwnerCMPSaginaw barrel, undated. Purchased from CMP as a barrelled receiver. Built up using surplus GI parts.
SGS3339925Private OwnerInherited from father who purchased at a Surplus storeSaginaw Receiver, Underwood Barrel marked 2 - 44 with a P near bayonet lug, Safety rotary type marked JAO, Flat top bolt, low wood stock with oval oiler cutout with P on front of grip and 1098 on flat bottom of grip, Magazine release marked with small "cc" over larger "M", rear sight adjustable (stamped) with an "H" in a shield, Front sight marked with a "N", Parkerized
SGS3345702Private V CollectorCMPPurchased from CMP, Anniston 2016
SGS3357126Private OwnerInherited 
SGS3358251Private OwnerCMP 
SGS3371666Private OwnerGun ShowHi-Wood stock, Push Button Safety, no Import mark
SGS3377155Private OwnerCMPSaginaw Barrel,Receiver has narrow tang and Inland Div scrubbed from receiver and Saginaw and Serial Number hand stamped.
SGS3385538Private OwnerPrivate SellerLocation Western Europe Highwood Stock, flip sight, flat bolt, push button safety, Saginaw barrel etc.
SGS3394598Private OwnerPowderhorn gun shop, Cypress, CAStolen from Long Beach, CA March 26, 1985
SGS3396816Private Owner in SpainPrivate OwnerIn awesome shape; all original but handguard ROCK-OLA
SGS3403571Private OwnerPrivate OwnerBarrel Saginaw S.G., General Motors, undated, Stock marked Star FAT 70
SGS3412010Private OwnerGun ShopKentucky
SGS3412269Private OwnerCMP 
SGS3423858Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseDe-milled receiver
SGS3429336Private OwnerCMPBavarian Forestry Police, Service Grade, Saginaw Barrel-undated
SGS3429710Private OwnerCMP 
SGS3444404Private OwnerInherited 
SGS3497042Private OwnerGun Shop 
SGS3511294Private OwnerPrivate Saleearly features. non restoration.
SGS3535042Private OwnerGun ShopImport with GM barrel dated 1-43. Import to Arlington, VA.
SGS3539529Private OwnerCMPRound bolt vs. flat as indicated in the "My Carbine" component list as manufactured. Assume it was changed out at Red River during reconditioning, as it came to my family direct from CMP.
SGS3540317Private OwnerCMP 
SGGR3541755SEJPrivate saleInland 4-44 Barrel
SGS3541941Private OwnerPrivateMarked Saginaw S'G'. All early parts. Possible restoration.
SGGR3543473Private OwnerPrivat PurchaseClean & Repair rifle. Bbl is Underwood 11/43. Stock is Win w/ earlier Std Prod and later RIA Cartouches. All features crisp. Appears to have never been re-issued.
SGS3549164Private OwnerCMPPresentation.
SGS3552620Private OwnerCMPUndated Saginaw Gear barrel. Picked up from the CMP during the 2015 nationals.
SGGR3581679Private OwnerCMPUnderwood 8/43 barrel
SGGR3609975Private OwnerPrivate SaleInland 10-43 barrel. Import marked

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