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Inland Manufacturing Division of GMOilerPOST-WWIINONEMost POST-WWII oilers were unmarked
Inland Manufacturing Division of GMOilerInternational SilverII 
International Business Machine Corp.OilerInternational SilverISCould just be normal International Silver made oiler
Irwin PedersenOilerInternational SilverISP, IP-IS, IS-IPActual marking is unknown
National Postal MeterOilerInternational SilverIN 
Quality Hardware & Machine Co.OilerInternational SilverIQ 
Rock-Ola Music Co.OilerInternational SilverIR 
Saginaw Steering Gear (Saginaw)OilerInternational SilverISCould just be normal International Silver marking
Saginaw Steering Gear (Grand Rapids)OilerInternational SilverISCould just be normal International Silver marking
Standard ProductsOilerInternational SilverISP 
Underwood Elliot-FisherOilerInternational SilverIU 
Winchester Repeating Arms Co.OilerInternational SilverIW, SW 

Additional Information: In early 1943, International Silver requested to eliminate prime contractor markings from the oilers. Two valid reasons were cited:

  • 1) So many oilers and magazines were being made that it was a burden to keep them separated
  • 2) A quick response to increased demand would be easier if all oilers were marked the same so that not all different oilers needed to be stocked at one time.
From this point on (or shortly thereafter), all oilers were marked “IS” only.

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