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STDP2226173Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 1735Catalog Number:SPAR 1735
STDP2226286Private OwnerPrivate Purchase GunbrokerStandard products arsenal rebuild. Inland trigger group, unmarked receiver slide, bolt marked S51, barrel band marked with a circle A. Stock is Jamestown Lounge Co. (JL-B). Handguard is Standard Products (SJ)
UEF2353633GunnyCMPBavarian Rural Police
UEF2373538CarbineBobGun ShopAO subcontracted receiver
UEF2373858Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
UEF2375379Private Ownerpurchasehas an Underwood 10/43 barrel and looks to have all correct parts for a 1943 carbine
UEF2375693Private OwnerCMPService Grade
UEF2388619Private OwnerInheritedL-style rear sight, cross-bolt safety, stamped "GHD UEF" on right stock with crossed cannons. "1-43 Underwood" on barrel. Oval oiler channel, stamped "S. & C.U" in left oiler channel.
UEF2393890Private OwnerRoyal Tiger Imports1-44 Underwood Barrel. "T" Subcontract receiver. MIDNCAPODANNO@AOL.COM
UEF2400577Private OwnerCMPCMP Auction
UEF2461884Dale AllenIndividualBarrel marked 11-43 with flaming bomb
UEF2462475Private OwnerLocal Auction 
UEF2464774Private OwnerCMPService Grade
UEF2466558Private OwnerPrivate salebarrel - Underwood 4-44
UEF2472552Private Ownergun shopReceiver subcontracted by Universal Winding (W). Barrel Underwood 11/43. All parts correct exept stock is type III Inland.
UEF2474570Private OwnerPrivate SaleCross Cannon on Pot-Belly stock; "M" Mag. Catch; Brl' dtd 12-43
UEF2479482Private OwnerGB9-43 barrel / GHD,UEF stamp / Trimble Stock
UEF2481641Private OwnerOriginal owner’s grandsonLocated in western Europe. Out of the attic september 2019. Seems "as issued", all part types correct. 1-44 Underwood barrel. "w"-marked receiver with flaming bomb, "P-U" low-wood stock, "M-U" handguard, all other parts ".U."-marked except the "OU" slide, "WU" hammer and…"IW" (Winchester) extractor ?!? "GHD UEF" escutcheon stamped upside down. Original sling, no oiler. Looks pretty bad. shoots pretty fine.
UEF2574183G W WintersKaufman Auctions 
UEF2590643Private OwnerCMPreceiver subcontract by United Shoe
UEF2597224Private OwnerCMPReceived from CMP 2/23/16, 1-44 underwood barrel, type 3 barrel band marked KI, high wood Saginaw stock with SG & ord. Wheel, Q-RMC handguard, M mag. Catch, N marked slide, stamped IRCO rear sight
UEF2600271Private OwnerCMP 
UEF2601162Private OwnerCMPUnderwood barrel 11-43; subcontractor "S"
UEF2631524Private OwnerGunbroker"B" coded receiver; Singer subcontract. Inland barrel dated 3-44.
UEF2649567Private OwnerPrivateMixed parts.
UEF2650431Private OwnerLocal gun store 
UEF2653745Private OwnerPrivate Purchase 
UEF2655241dpd3672Private Purchase"B" Code, Singer subcontractor. 1/43 Underwood barrel.
UEF2657795Private OwnerLocal gun store"B" stamped receiver, Singer subcontractor, 2/44 Underwood barrel, type 1a barrel band, original safety and magazine release, "EU" marked front sight, type 3 hammer, type 2 hand guard marked "M-U", type 3 op slide, "S" marked rear flip sight, type 3 recoil plate marked "AU," type 3 stock marked "M-U," low wood oval cut with crossed cannons "GHD UEF" cartouche on right side, all parts match the USCARBINECAL30M1 components list and appear to be ori
UEF2660092Private OwnerPrivate owner 
UEF2663376Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
UEF2676960Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
UEF2681506Private OwnerInheritedAll original
UEF2745512Private OwnerCMP 
UEF2746359Private OwnerCMP 
UEF2764166Private Ownerprivate sale 
UEF2769982Private OwnerOriginal owner95%, bore 99%. Bought from son of soldier (USAAC) who was originally issued this weapon in 1943.
UEF2782321Private OwnerCMP 
UEF2784468Private OwnerPrivate Seller 
UEF2787050adventures idahoCMPUnderwood barrel 11-43, trigger housing, bolt all Underwood, then mixed parts. Winchester,Inland, National postal meter.New Springfield Stock, Beautiful Rifle.
UEF2788629Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
UEF2811467Private Ownerprivate saleall matching
UEF2818235JohnnyOCMP auctionUnderwood Barrel 2-44,Bavaria Border Police With LGK OO 1073
UEF2836756Private OwnerGun brokerBought as just a receiver
UEF2851324Private Ownercmp 
UEF2858683Private OwnerGun ShowUnderwood 2-44 dated barrel, Inland trigger group, Rock-ola stock, no import marks.
UEF2859048Private OwnerPrivateUnderwood 1-44 barrel. GHD over UEF boxed low wood.
UEF2859632Private OwnerCMP 
UEF2869254Private OwnerPrivate saleUnderwood 2-44 barrel. Arsenal rebuild.
UEF2875416Private OwnerPawn Shop Anchorage, AlaskaThis is a 1980s Blue Sky Import that was rebuilt at Underwood in the 1950s.

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