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SGGR1763421Private OwnerCMPMixmaster. Buffalo Arms Barrel 8-1943
SGGR1800681Private OwnerPrivate 
SGGR1808976Private Ownerprivate ownerBarrell Underwood, Bolt S'G'. Slide S'G', misc other parts
SGGR1815173Private OwnerSurplus Store 1972Flip safety, Bayonet lug, Adjustable rear sight, M2 cut
SGGR1823438Private OwnerLocal auctionUnderwood barrel 8-43, flip sight, S'G' trigger assembly with IP safety and mag release
SGGR1830325Private OwnerCMP8-43 BA Barrel
SGGR1833145Private OwnerPrivateBarrel, BA 8-43, all parts appear to be original. Correct I.D. & Type
SGGR1834942Private OwnerCMP 
SGGR1867003Private OwnerCMPBavarian municipal Police
SGGR1867250Private OwnerPrivateUnderwood Barrel 9-43. Stock stamped AAW, P on bottom, type 3 barrel band, rest has markings but I don't know if orginal
SGGR3217591Private OwnerCMP 
SGGR3226371Private OwnerCMPInland GM barrel 1944,un-marked stock, trigger SG, mag clip M, bayonet lug EM-Q, sight P
SGGR3229592GunnyPrivate Owner 
SGGR3240968Private OwnerPrivateBarrel Underwood 11-43 dated. All components S'G' marked except IP-W safety and IP-W mag catch
SGGR3245977Private OwnerCMP 
SGGR3247500derf-Private OwnerlgsUnderwood barrel: ?-43 (Month # illegible) Import marked C.A.I., Vermont Serial stamped in stock w/white paint (Isreali?)matches. Square Inspector stamp UEF/GHD, Ordinance wheel to right Low wood Standard Prod RWH stock marked P-U in sling groove IS oiler/ repro. sling- type three band
SGGR3250736WisconsinCMPIbm barrel. Sj stock ggz trigger group
SGGR3541755SEJPrivate saleInland 4-44 Barrel
SGGR3543473Private OwnerPrivat PurchaseClean & Repair rifle. Bbl is Underwood 11/43. Stock is Win w/ earlier Std Prod and later RIA Cartouches. All features crisp. Appears to have never been re-issued.
SGGR3581679Private OwnerCMPUnderwood 8/43 barrel
SGGR3606462Private OwnerGun StoreDemilled Marked Saginaw S'G' ,Square Ear, Small tang, Sq mill cut
SGGR3609975Private OwnerPrivate SaleInland 10-43 barrel. Import marked
SGGR3627823Private OwnerObtained in a tradeCarbine has an 11/43 Inland barrel and a QHMC trigger group with period correct features. Type 1 barrel band but has a type 2 rear sight. Has an I.R. stock with SN 1872106 stamped on the side of it. Winchester 4 rivet handguard
SGGR3635629AndrewPrivate PartyInland Barrel dated 11-43, narrow tang on receiver
SGGR3649600Private OwnerCMPW marked barrel

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