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Page size:
 405 items in 9 pages
Inland289Private OwnerPrivate purchaseEarliest s/n I have in my collection.
Inland409Private OwnerCMPI was given this gun by my grandpa before he passed. He was in a paratrooper in World WarII. I would like to know more about this gun.
Inland1205Private Ownerprivate owner 
Inland1652Private OwnerCMPBarrel dated 6-42
Inland1926Private OwnerPrivate saleRestored to original configuration and condition.
Inland4564Private OwnerPrivate saleVery original; appears to be veteran bring back and used little. Very early; first full month of production. Original finish on all parts.
Inland4687Private OwnerCMPThis carbine was given to me by a personal friend. Original purchase was through a gum store in the Detroit Mi area druring threat of unrest in Detyroit area 1967-1968. At time of my recieving it the ejectur would not work, my friend told me that it never worked. He then gave me three of the five rounds he purchased (in case he needed them), having used two during test firing. I recieved the gun 2016 and fired fewer than twenty rounds during that
Inland5524Private OwnerCMPTransitional adj. sights no bayonet band. Packaging from Norfolk Naval Depot.
Inland6557Private OwnerCMP 
Inland6627Private OwnerCMP 
Inland7429Private Owner2021 Midway USA Italian Import 
Inland7729Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
Inland8535Private OwnerCMP 
Inland8613Private OwnerCMP 
Inland9953Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseMost of original parkerizing is gone. Inland barrel dated 7/42. Gun appears all correct first block.
Inland11346Private Ownerprivate10-42 barrel (re-barrel?). Sight T1 WSI marked. Extractor V notch T1,Hammer Early dogleg with H in shield, Safety T1 checkered, mag catch smooth marked WI, Stock-Type 1 , I cut high wood, LA, IO and flaming bomb in sling well, Large ordnance wheel.
Inland11445Private OwnerCMP6-42 inland barrel
Inland16001Private OwnerCMPBavarian Rural Police
Inland16056Private OwnerBlue Sky ImportUndated I.B.M. CORP barrel and mix of early and late parts.
Inland18490Private OwnerCMPConverted by Lemag to 45 win mag
Inland19979Private OwnerPrivate Sale'I' cut high wood, all correct
Inland20458Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
Inland23467Private OwnerLGSI would like to know if anyone has any information on this rifle. Mostly inland, great condition, no import markings I'm aware of.
Inland34009Private OwnerGun StoreArsenal Refurb, Type 5 Operating slide marked SA,Type 3 barrel band marked JW
Inland46971Private OwnerDuffel bag bring backUp graded with bayonet lug and machined rear sight
Inland51027Private OwnerPrivate OwnerBarrel date 8-42
Inland51265Private OwnerCMP 
Inland55224Keith EichenlaubJ. Mudd collectionINLAND MFG DIV, GENERAL MOTORS 8-42
Inland59478Private OwnerCMP 
Inland80778Private Ownerprivate 
Inland89899Private OwnerLocal Gun Shop, Louisville,
Inland95857Private OwnerdcmPurchased from DCM ~1965
Inland97418Private OwnerCMP 
Inland99979Private OwnerPrivate SaleM1A1 - Highwood, vet bring back
Inland103612Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
Inland104631FROM ITALYCMP 
Inland111329Private OwnerCMPmix parts/ wincester stock
Inland112005Private OwnerPrivate saleRestored to original condition.
Inland113083Private Ownerprivate purchase 
Inland119079Private OwnerCMP 
Inland137523Private OwnerPrivate SaleIBM Barrel
Inland139887Private OwnerPrivate SaleM1A1 Configuration
Inland143203Private OwnerPrivate purchaseAll correct early Inland.
Inland147820Private OwnerPassed down from deceased father, WWII Veteran 
Inland151541Private OwnerCMP 
Inland151977Private OwnerPrivateInland barrel dated 1-43; Type 1 barrel band w/ missing sling swivel; Inland trigger housing; flip sight marked "s" with no armory staking marks; front sight marked "N"; checkered push-button safety; Type A var. 2 Op Slide; unmarked mag release; flat bolt, blued; OI marked deep groove handguard (2 rivets); high-wood stock with "RMC" in sling well, and ROCK-OLA recoil plate, but no other cartouches visible.
Inland158829Private OwnerInherited100% original as issued
Inland168289Private OwnerPrivate OwnerI cut stock with clear Flaming bomb and IO in cutout, Crossed cannon cartouche on stock,Inland Division Barrel dated 1/43. Type I rear Flip sight "S" stamped)(No Stakes Marks), No bayonet lug ever installed. Type II "OI flat bolt, Type I front sight, Type IA Barrel Band, Type II Trigger Housing,Type I beveled, checkered safety, type I mag release serrated,
Inland168989Private OwnerRTIFully refurbished in 2021. Type 3 stock with low wood and oval cut. Crossed cannons and P on stock. RI stamp in sling notch. 50 stamped on stock near recoil plate. Winchester butt-plate. Shielded H on type 2 rear sight. JM on bayo lug. Inland Div of General Motors 1-43 on barrel. Import marked under barrel I.O. Inc Melbourne Fl. Inland hieroglyphics on bottom of barrel between receiver and gas cylinder. C stamp on receiver below trigger housing p

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