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Welcome to! If you are like me, owning an M1 Carbine goes a lot deeper than just owning a firearm. It is about owning and collecting a piece of history. Because of that, a small group of dedicated collectors have built this site. We have compiled all the data on components and Carbines from various sources into a relational database.

Carbine WWII War Baby! The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine, Vol. 1 by Larry L. Ruth - A year-long contest amongst America's military and civilian gun designers led to the adoption of a last-minute Winchester entry as US Carbine, Caliber .30, M1 in October, 1941. From the first trickle of 'Inlands' in June,1942 through to a combined production peak of over 500,000 units per month in December,1943, over six million carbines were manufactured by a total of ten prime contractors, until program termination in 1945. WAR BABY! is an in-depth account of the carbine's production history, component variations, production methods, subcontractors, and markings. Perhaps most importantly, the INTEGRATION of components among the prime contractors, a process often resorted to during wartime to keep production moving, is addressed in detail; so don't trade off that incorrect carbine until you read what Larry Ruth has to say in this book!
Poyer WWII U.S. M1 Carbine: Wartime Production, (6th Edition, Revised and Expanded!) by Craig Riesch. The 6th edition of the best selling "bible" of the World War II M1 Carbine has been updated with new information from the previous edition. The changes between the 6th and 5th editions are listed on the last page of the book. The author, Craig Riesch, has compiled twenty-two years of surveys and research into this 237 page volume containing 38 charts, 212 photographs, and fourteen drawings. The book provides a history of the M1 Carbine's development, manufacture and use during World War II, as well as through the Korean War and the war in Vietnam. The M1 Carbine is analyzed and described by its ten separate manufacturers and various models, with all changes, modifications, and new parts noted by serial number range of use. And since the U.S. Army Ordnance Department required that virtually every part of the M1 Carbine be marked with a manufacturer's or subcontractor's code, Riesch has unraveled the manufacturer's and subcontractor's codes---again by serial number range --- and eliminated many "spurious codes" and myths. Every major and most minor parts are now conclusively identified by manufacturer and serial number range, making it possible for the collector, shooter, and historian to examine an M1 Carbine to determine its authenticity with a high degree of confidence. Using the charts and photos in the book, the collector can identify the manufacturer and period of use for the receiver group, barrel group, trigger housing group, and stock group and their component parts. Butt plates by the various manufacturers are shown in full-size photographs for easy identification...
Carbine Post War War Baby! Comes Home The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbine, Vol. 2 by Larry L. Ruth - The most popular US military small arm in history. Contents include the Carbine in War and Peace, 1942 - 1992; US battle honors in WWII and Korea; other military users of the US carbine; the carbine "for friend and foe alike" in Vietnam. Postwar military parts manufacture; alternate methods of production; the return of surplus military M1s from afar; US military accessories, ancillaries and ammunition since 1940; other military and sporting arms in .30 carbine caliber. Plus, the first official guide to "Neverneverland", where carbines in various models and calibers never dreamed of by the military are outdone only by the bewildering array of aftermarket accessories, some of which can still give pause even to the experts. Provides positive identification as genuine US military, offshore military, or aftermarket commercial.

We have tried to make the data available as accurate as possible. Given the absence of complete records of manufacture and sheer number of sources of data available, I guarantee you that We have made some mistakes. Please inform us of any information that you think is incorrect or missing and we will do our best to confirm and correct or add the information. On this site, you will be able to do the following:

  • Find your M1 Carbine’s date of manufacture
  • Find listing of components based on manufacturer, component group or individual component
  • Generate a build list of your M1 Carbine by entering manufacturer and serial number
  • Find general knowledge related to care, maintenance and inspection of your M1 Carbine
  • Export data to spreadsheets or CSV’s for your reference
  • Submit your M1 Carbine to the Master List
  • List an M1 Carbine you are searching for

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