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 61 items in 2 pages
QHMC1552900Private OwnerGun shopLocation Western Europe, was in use by Police, barrel marked LV58
QHMC1560916Private OwnerPawn shopbarrel by front sight marked Rockola
QHMC1564267Private OwnerPrivateBarrel Rockola, no date.
QHMC1591241dpd3672Private PurchaseWhite bag carbine from CMP, 11/43 Inland barrel.
QHMC1596002Private OwnerPawn Shop PurchaseThis M1 was transferred to the Detroit Police Department after the war.
QHMC1597528Private OwnerGun ShowGM Barrel dtd May 1943
QHMC1599117Private OwnerPrivate ownerVery nice all original parts,Inland 6-43 barrel w/double P stamp, high wood I-cut stock with large cartouche
QHMC1600059Private OwnerGun shopRestored by Dean's Gun Works.
QHMC1604232Private OwnerGB Sale 
QHMC1615126Private OwnerPrivate CollectorAll original except for the furniture. Great shooter with tight groups at 25 and 50 yards. No issues at all.
QHMC1634342Private OwnerCMP purchaseFun to shoot. I have only used reloaded ammo.
QHMC1640287CSKCMP Forum PurchaseMixmaster with potbelly stock.
QHMC1645862Private OwnerPrivate OwnerBarrel Rock-Ola undated, bolt, sear, trigger housing, hammer etc marked Quality, unfortunately in Winchester High-wood stock.
QHMC1651611Private OwnerRelativeBarrel Rockola undated. All parts matching
QHMC1661299Private OwnerRoyal Tiger Imports, 2020Overseas postwar arsenal rebuild with mix of matching and nonmatch parts. All historically correct. Primarily Inland parts. Type 3 stock with mystery stamps, band w/bayonet lug, Marlin barrel w/mystery stamp on gas cylinder, stamped rear and milled front sight, removable recoil spring housing. Type 3 mag catch labeled M AD. Came with USGI Winchester Type 5 mag. Tends to damage nubs on rear of 15rd magazines over time, mags last about 10-15 full r
QHMC1875250Private Ownerst croix military company 
QHMC1876540Private OwnerUK PurchaseThe Carbine has been re-manufactured and imported to conform with UK law as a Section 1 straight pull carbine as in its original semi-automatic configuration it would be a Section 5 under the Firearms Act 1968 Amended this has required the removal of its existing barrel and piston being scrapped and some internal modification to prevent semi-automatic firing new barrel fitted without gas chamber and piston the re-proofing through London Proof Hou
QHMC1881065Private OwnerOnline WebsiteOriginal as issued. Undated Rock-Ola Barrel, EM-Q Bolt.
QHMC1882900Private OwnerCMPUndated Rock-Ola barrel. Stock has Italian FTA75 cartouche, indicating this carbine was given to the Italians in 1963 and was probably used by the Italian carabinieri.
QHMC1907504Private OwnerCMPRock-Ola Barrel
QHMC1911709Private OwnerNRA magazine sales 1965 
QHMC1919294Private OwnerGun ShowBought as a mix master, rebuilt with correct parts still saving $$ for a correct Q-RMC stock.
QHMC1920160Private OwnerAcher Arms, Lincoln, NESeems to have been updated as MWOs were applied. Barrel dated 9-43, from Buffalo. Bayonet lug, flip safety, adjustable sight. Trigger mech seems to have been replaced at one time (Marked w/ mostly Inland markings). CAI Import marked. Plastic tag numbered "35" nailed into stock. Serial number and "U.S." stamped into stock.
QHMC1923065Bad GamblerGB SaleCMP Bavarian Forestry/Austrian with almost all correct parts except rear sight, safety, and mag catch. Original Buffalo Arms barrel with no bayonet lug. QRMC stock.
QHMC1927496Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseHas Inland barrel dated 1/44 w/INTRAC import mark indicating use in Austria as all INTRAC imports were from there. Underwood T4 TH, W T2 bolt, T2 NPM slide, Winchester HW oval cut stock
QHMC1931168Private OwnerEU 
QHMC1933422Private Ownerprivate ownerBarrel IBM 11-43, Stock Q-RMC, Handguard RMC, Spring tube receiver, no clip other misc parts
QHMC4432310Private OwnerPrivate saleUN-Quality restored to original configuration
QHMC4641026Private Ownergun shop 
QHMC4647079Private OwnerPrivate SaleLocation, Istanbul-Turkey. Cannot track back but most probably a "bring back" rifle from Korean War.
QHMC4651015Private OwnerPrivate OwnerI'm interested in any history or information that anyone could provide to me on this weapon.
QHMC4652370Private OwnerInherited9/10. Clean. Rust Free.
QHMC4658457Private OwnerPrivate OwnerPurchased to add Quality Hardware to collection. This rifle has correct Rockola barrel, barrel band bayonet lug and magazine but Saginaw bolt and trigger group. It is in a Saginaw stock/hand guard set with correct SG recoil lug and butt plate. It is a very nice rifle all parts and wood in great shape
QHMC4664553Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
QHMC4671105Private OwnerPrivate purchaserebuild; bbl marked SA 8-49; open box SA over H cartouche
QHMC4673042Private Ownerbought at age 10barrel-rock ola,trigger housing be-b,hammer lt-q,mag catch lt-q,front sight po-b,rear sight shield with H in middle,slide da-q,bolt em-q,barrel band Qu,recoil platebe-b
QHMC4673592Private OwnerFree MarketGood condition. Good shooter.
QHMC4679349Private OwnerCMP 
QHMC4688244Private OwnerPrivate purchaseIBM no date barrel, EM-Q T3 bolt, T4 Q-TX TH, T3 LT-Q hammer, T3 DA-Q slide, high wood, oval cut Q-RMC stock
QHMC4752436Private OwnerCMP 
QHMC4756895Private OwnerCMP 
QHMC4757067courtjester801CMP Auction
QHMC4760358Private OwnerCMPUnderwood ??-44 marked barrel
QHMC4773582Private OwnerPrivate OwnerMostly Correct. Came with Inland High Wood Stock
QHMC4785611Private OwnerAIM 
QHMC4788643Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
QHMC4799384Private OwnerLight import markInland 2-44 barrel, original park
QHMC4799674Private Owner-Desert JimCMPreceived as a gift. No sling or clips.

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