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Inland317338Private OwnerVet BringbackBarrel Date 3-43
Inland320244Private OwnerCMPInland barrel 7-44 #30 painted on stock MRC marked on right side of pistol grip MRT marked on stock right side of receiver P marked on pistol grip Pistol grip base painted red with #2 SJ marked stock
Inland331656Private OwnerCMPBarrel dated 3/1943
Inland334854Private OwnerGrandfather GM1stc 111th USNCB found at Normandy brought homeCompletely correct except has RMC marked hand guard
Inland336181Private OwnerGun Store 
Inland346956Private OwnerPassed down from deceased fatherBirch stock
Inland365221Private OwnerCMP 
Inland365247Private OwnerCMP 
Inland370415Private OwnerCMP 
Inland385176Private OwnerGun show purchaseM1A1, late War updates
Inland404948Private Ownerprivate saleM1A1 carbine, late rebuild
Inland406930Private Ownerlocal gun shop6-43 dated barrel. Barrel and receiver appear to be orignal match Has all inland parts except hammer, trigger housing and op slide. I would say during war rebuild, but not certain. Has very light import marks. On part legible is Arlington VA.
Inland420508Private OwnerPrivate SaleAll existing parts look original and proper for a 1942-1943 Inland M1. Appears to have been well cared for with just minor signs of use.
Inland437526Private OwnerSARCO 1965AAI arsenal rework; Inland barrel; WRA-GHD stock; MMQ front band w/lug; Rock-Ola type II rear sight; NPM N16 trigger housing; O.U. Underwood slide.
Inland446495Private OwnerprivateM1A1 Low wood, AAV rebuild
Inland452601Private OwnerPrivateBarrel date 5-43
Inland452963Private OwnerLocal Gun ShopBarrel Dated 4-43(Inland), M2 stock (G on pistol grip, circle K and letter p in slingwell, National Postal Meter Trigger Group. Adjustable rear sight and, bayonet lug, and a mix of other early and late parts. Re-arsenal place and time unknown. Not-Import Marked.
Inland454033Private OwnerGun ShopAll original, un-molested type 1, flat bolt, flip sight Brought back from WW2, widow sold collection to shop. Have ‘03 from same collection
Inland460045Private OwnerGun ShopLocation Luxemburg, from Italian depot, NPM stock, Inland barrel 6-43, Inland Trigger Guard and Inland Slide type II, Serial Number repeated in front of rear sight
Inland474630Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 1318Catalog Number:SPAR 1318
Inland479296Private OwnerCMPInland 6-43 Marked Barrel
Inland482082Private OwnerGun ShowBarrel date Oct 1943. Post-war use by Bavarian Forestry Police with appropriate stamp on top of receiver to the left of the bolt. Subsequently conveyed to Austria for use by police forces in the province of OberoÖsterreich (Upper Austria), as indicated by LGK ÖÖ stamp just forward of the trigger guard.
Inland483729Private OwnerCMP Forum PurchaseBare receiver purchase from forum member.
Inland484928Private OwnerGun store purchase 
Inland507266Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseIn excellent condition, 7-43 barrel with all Inland parts including Stock and Handguard.
Inland510389Private OwnerMy FatherThis is as far as I can tell an original unmodified M1A1. My father was in WWII and the Korean Conflict, so I am not sure where he obtained this weapon. The barrel is stamped 5-43, so I would assume that it was part a production run a few months later. It functions flawlessly and shoots better than me.
Inland514576HuntskyBlue SkyUnderwood 5-44 barrel, counter bored. Mostly Winchester parts.
Inland569101Private OwnerCMPRack Grade Mix parts original barrel
Inland572013Private OwnerPrivate PartyReceiver stamped Inland DIV; Barrel Marked Inland MFG, DIV, General Motors dated 8-43; Has the high or uncut stock stamped with a circled "P" on the bottom of the grip and arsenal Cartouche on the RH side (barrels, Bomb and wheel)Everything looks to be original, to include 2 rivet hand guard and small rear sight.
Inland600379BergerboyGun Show95% Inland Components. Updated Front Band, Rear Sight. Re-Fitted with USGI Springfield stock - no outside markings or cartouche.
Inland604528Private OwnerOther 
Inland611114Private OwnerPrivateBarrel date 7-43
Inland628334Private OwnerPassed down from father 
Inland631786Private OwnerGun Shop 
Inland636294Private Owner in TxN.C. gun shop barrel pick circa 1986 
Inland637710Private OwnerPrivateMixed parts
Inland649976Private Ownerprivate sale 
Inland670000Private OwnerPrivate salepaperweight
Inland672797Private OwnerCMPInland barrel, marked 9-43
Inland674942Private OwnerPrivate SaleAAG rebuild. Mixmaster with both early and late features. Inland 8-43 Barrel.
Inland687524wstanleyPrivate PurchaseInland 9-43 Barrel
Inland692841Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
Inland696585Private OwnerCMPPurchased from ex-prison guard.
Inland711992ThumperCMP and then from forum memberBavarian-Austrian Police, low wood, late ungrades, service grade condition. Inland dated barrel 4-43. On trigger guard, marked LGK ST and a sticker with the name SIEBENHOFER.
Inland719393Private OwnerPrivate SaleDemilled Receiver
Inland733978Private OwnerCMPInland barrel 5-43
Inland745973Private OwnerPrivate Sale5-43 Inland MFG General Motors Barrel. S-G Marked Receiver (contracted by Saginaw) to make receiver. AA for August Arsenal Rebuild Stamped stock.
Inland746136Private OwnerBought in a private sale in AlaskaINLAND M.F.D. GENERAL MOTORS 6-43 Barrel
Inland747114Private OwnerPrivateAll Inland parts including stock. 5-43 Barrel

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