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WRA1016584Co2Chief1947Private Purchaseorg finish undated W marked barrel,slide & receiver, later rear adj. site and bayonet lug & round bolt. Stock marked B Trimble TN in sling well & AAY on side.
WRA1018396Private OwnerCMPDemilled springtube
WRA1020934Private OwnerPrivate saleRestored to original configuration
WRA1026584Private OwnerCMPEarly manufacture with signs of rebuild (Barrel Band, Safety and rear sight)
WRA1052337Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1053661Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1057863Private OwnerPrivate saleEthiopian surplus purchase.
WRA1067325Private OwnerPrivateOriginal
WRA1071893Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1074504Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1075580Private OwnerPO 
WRA1080272Private OwnerCMPHigh wood, 2-rivet hand guard, beautiful functioning. This carbine had been issued to the Bavaria Forestry Police at some point in time.
WRA1090126Private OwnerPrivate saleRestored to original configuration.
WRA1090271Private OwnerGunshowW on barrel, round bolt, IR with flaming bomb on stock sling inlet, IR rear sight.
WRA1092814Private OwnerPrivate Purchase 
WRA1094643JailbirdwatcherCMPBavarian Forestry Police, Win Barrel, Mixmaster
WRA1095581Private OwnerCMPPurchased for about $50 in 1970. 98% original. Arsenal replaced stock and butt plate.
WRA1097049Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseCorrect original early Winchester, German police markings, no upgrades.
WRA1098665Private OwnerShooting Range ConsignmentOriginal barrel and reciever. Flat bolt. Arsenal rebuild. Import Mark on barrel barely legible, but appears to say "Arlington VA"
WRA1099160Terrance M. WhitePrivate CollectorLove it
WRA1101328Private OwnerCMPpaperweight
WRA1104586Private OwnerPrivate ownerLocation Western Europe, early highwood stock with I-Cut, springtube receiver, original sling and mag pouch
WRA1108468Private OwnerCMPMy serial number Carbine is as close to Audie Murphy's Carbine as I could find.....
WRA1108783Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1123852Private OwnerPrivate saleHigh Wood "w" barrel,stock, very nice condition.
WRA1131071Private OwnerPrivate SaleWRA stock, W on barrel
WRA1136023Private OwnerPW Arms through MidwayUSAWRA Type 2 stock cartouched w/ "W.R.A. G.H.D." and crossed cannons, Inland 2-rivet handguard, WRA Type 3 slide, WRA barrel, WRA M1 hammer, WRA flat bolt, WRA Type 2 trigger group, unmarked recoil plate, Underwood buttplate
WRA1136678Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1137978Private OwnerCMPIf family info that was passed down is correct, this was used by one of my great uncles at Normandy
WRA1142829Private Ownerinternetexcellent shape. Flat bolt, push button safe and early sight.
WRA1146345Private OwnerCMPMostly correct, original barrel, tight bright and shiny.
WRA1150145Private OwnerCMPStayed in Europe from its beginning in WW2 until 2022. Sold by Midway by auction that stated they were given to german police after the surrender tthen were sent to Italian military/police and put into storeage. Midway purchased from Italian Government. Unrestored as used by US Military in Germany during WW2.
WRA1150886Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1151280Private OwnerInheritanceWW Ii bring back from Pacific Theater
WRA1154793Private OwnerMidway USAA part of a large lot of carbines stored in crates in Italy since the end of the war. Mostly correct. Required import marking to return to US.
WRA1154905Private OwnerPrivate SaleVG condition. Bought in the mid '90's. Matching #'s. fired about 50 rnds through it when I received it. Shoots well.
WRA1156298Private OwnerFather-in-lawProper modifications made to site, safety leaver, and bayonet mount. No arsenal marking on stock. Strange "V" on bolt group. "W" stamps confirmed on three parts. I haven't broken it down beyond lifting the 'guts' out of the stock. Has original bayonet. Carried by father-in-law while flying Berlin Airlift missions.
WRA1158756Private OwnerCMPRecently purchased from CMP. VG to EXC condition. Haven't had time to breakdown the parts.
WRA1160173Private OwnerGun Show 
WRA1161296Private OwnerMidway USAImport marked PW Arms. These guns are believed to have come directly from use in the European theatre of WWII, eventually making their way to the Italian Armed forces. From there they went to the Carabinieri – the Italian National Police - and have been in storage since the early 1950s.
WRA1164308Private OwnerUnknownCarbine on display at Cu Chi tunnels historic site north of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
WRA1164461PhillipMCMP/CSPArsenal rework AAA
WRA1164910Private OwnerMidway USAMidway sold Italian reimport 2020/21 timeframe. Rebuilt. Retains some original parts. M2 stock. Shiny bore. Lots of dried on cosmo. Good shape overall.
WRA1166699Private OwnerCMP 
WRA1168698Private OwnerCMPPurchased from private owner. He had it stored for 30yrs. Looks to be a depot rebuild during the late war or thereafter. No import and Irwin Pederson stock w/flaming bomb. Not Arsenal refinished.
WRA1174318Private OwnerCMPGreat!
WRA1174643Private OwnerPRIVATE SALEGood to very good
WRA1183426Private OwnerPrivate SaleUnderwood Refurbish. Serial Number in sling cut. Underwood stock with all cartouches.

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