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QHMC1882900Private OwnerCMPUndated Rock-Ola barrel. Stock has Italian FTA75 cartouche, indicating this carbine was given to the Italians in 1963 and was probably used by the Italian carabinieri.
QHMC1911709Private OwnerNRA magazine sales 1965 
QHMC1919294Private OwnerGun ShowBought as a mix master, rebuilt with correct parts still saving $$ for a correct Q-RMC stock.
QHMC1920160Private OwnerAcher Arms, Lincoln, NESeems to have been updated as MWOs were applied. Barrel dated 9-43, from Buffalo. Bayonet lug, flip safety, adjustable sight. Trigger mech seems to have been replaced at one time (Marked w/ mostly Inland markings). CAI Import marked. Plastic tag numbered "35" nailed into stock. Serial number and "U.S." stamped into stock.
QHMC1923065Bad GamblerGB SaleCMP Bavarian Forestry/Austrian with almost all correct parts except rear sight, safety, and mag catch. Original Buffalo Arms barrel with no bayonet lug. QRMC stock.
QHMC1927496Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseHas Inland barrel dated 1/44 w/INTRAC import mark indicating use in Austria as all INTRAC imports were from there. Underwood T4 TH, W T2 bolt, T2 NPM slide, Winchester HW oval cut stock
QHMC1931168Private OwnerEU 
NPM1951742Private OwnerPrivate SellerLocation Western Europe Salvaged from a Hunting rifle conversion
NPM1957027Private OwnerCMPcollection in New Zealand
NPM1958351Private Ownerprivate saleRock-Ola barrel (F); pot belly stock
NPM1964682Private OwnerGun ShopHerlo Replacement barrel, RSG Highwood Stock, Late Inland Trigger Housing with oiler hole, EM-Q Flat Bolt
NPM1968105Private OwnerPrivateUnderwoon 4-43 barrel. Type 2 highwood stock. NPM over FJA boxed cartouche
NPM1980212Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
STDP1985755Private OwnerCMP 
STDP1989381Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseOriginal Bring back.
STDP1995445Private OwnerOrange Coast AuctionsAll original. High wood, 2 rivet, Type 1 Barrel Band, 6-43 Underwood Bbl, push safety, flat bolt
STDP2011240Private OwnerunkBlue Sky Import.
STDP2022013Private OwnerCMP8-43 UEF barrel
STDP2024666Private OwnerCMP 
STDP2034583Private OwnerPrivateBarrel 8-43 dated Underwood.
STDP2040125Private OwnerDCM9-43 Underwood barrel(bore gauges 0), S-HB stock & handguard(small repair on the forward right side of stock, otherwise pristine), SW recoil plate, S-S3 buttplate, B-EB trigger housing NPM slide and bolt. I.R. stamped rear sight.
STDP2040911Private OwnerCMP 
STDP2048808Private OwnerEstate 
STDP2049388Private OwnerEstateUnderwood barrel 10-43, Arlington ord import stamp
STDP2055097GunnyCMPBavarian Forestry Police
STDP2071023Private OwnerCMPUnderwood 10-43 marked barrel
STDP2088625Private OwnerPrivate SellerBarrel is marked only with ordnance wheel.
STDP2094657Private OwnerPrivate SaleFair condition. Using the 30 06 round appears to have about a 50% barrel life.
STDP2108819Private OwnerCMP 
STDP2110166Private OwnerCMPService Grade
STDP2114122Private OwnerCMPlooks great. Just had it checked out and safe to fire.
STDP2118521Private OwnerPrivate OwnerLocation Western Europe, lucky find, all correct with the exception of Push-button safety marked IP-W
STDP2121768GunnyCMPBavarian Forestry Police
STDP2122149Private OwnerPrivate saleExel import. Winchester barrel,"N" marked front sight,BEB trigger group.
STDP2123604Private OwnerUnknownCarbine on display at Cu Chi tunnels historic site north of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
STDP2126649Private OwnerPrivate Seller 
STDP2154752Private OwnerCMP 
STDP2155054Private OwnerPrivate OwnerUnderwood 12-43 barrel
STDP2178754Private OwnerPrivateUnderwood 1-44 dated barrel
STDP2214442Private OwnerPrivate partyHas Underwood 4/44 bbl, Type II barrel Band, Type IV Slide S,Flat bolt S, Type II rear sight H, type II sear SDP, Type III hammer SW
STDP2226173Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 1735Catalog Number:SPAR 1735
STDP2226286Private OwnerPrivate Purchase GunbrokerStandard products arsenal rebuild. Inland trigger group, unmarked receiver slide, bolt marked S51, barrel band marked with a circle A. Stock is Jamestown Lounge Co. (JL-B). Handguard is Standard Products (SJ)
UEF2353633GunnyCMPBavarian Rural Police
UEF2373538CarbineBobGun ShopAO subcontracted receiver
UEF2373858Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
UEF2375379Private Ownerpurchasehas an Underwood 10/43 barrel and looks to have all correct parts for a 1943 carbine
UEF2375693Private OwnerCMPService Grade
UEF2388619Private OwnerInheritedL-style rear sight, cross-bolt safety, stamped "GHD UEF" on right stock with crossed cannons. "1-43 Underwood" on barrel. Oval oiler channel, stamped "S. & C.U" in left oiler channel.

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