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Page size:
 71 items in 2 pages
IBM3654109E PennCMPIBM barrel dated 8-43, typical mixed parts carbine.
IBM3662033Private OwnerWWII VetAll correct IBM 9-43, low wook standard stock
IBM3667027Private Ownerprivate saleIBM barrel- 43
IBM3667191Private OwnerCMPBavarian Forestry Police and Austrian Rural Police (LGK ST)
IBM3673424Private OwnerCMP 
IBM3685714Private OwnerCMP 
IBM3690934dpd3672Private PurchaseInland 7/44 barrel.
IBM3692492Private OwnerCMP 
IBM3697517Private OwnerPawn Shopexcellent condition, unsure if wood is stock, looks unused or unissued, matching parts all dated 43
IBM3710001Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
IBM3721433Private OwnerCMPRack Grade, IBM 10-43 barrel
IBM3726614Private OwnerClassic Firearms 
IBM3733145Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseIBM 11-43 barrel, built from barreled receiver using IBM, NPM, Rock-Ola, and other USGI parts
IBM3733457Private OwnerCMP 
IBM3733508Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseDemilled Receiver
IBM3755201J. D. WatersCMPIBM Barrel - Dated 11 43 - Rack Grade
IBM3764486Private OwnerCMPbelgian owner.non dated ibm barrel ,aob bolt and slide ,sib front sight ,trigger housing and parts ibm. rock-ola stock
IBM3772523Private OwnerPrivate SellerLocation Western Europe IBM Barrel dated 11-43, Highwood Stock, olny some update parts (rear sight, round bolt)
IBM3779315Private OwnerGun Show 
IBM3786352Private OwnerCMPUndated IBM barrel
IBM3788868Private OwnerGun ShopIBM barrel undated, Stock marked FAT76 (Italian), Underwood Trigger Housing, flat Bolt SG
IBM3795101Private OwnerCMP 
IBM3796360Private OwnerPrivate purchaseGood condition Arl Ord import with possible Korean tour. "AAY" rearsenal stamp on "LW" low wood replacement stock. I.B.M. 12-43 with flaming bomb barrel. High percentage of and conformity to correct IBM marked parts with what looks like sear (X1) and mag catch (HI) being Inland rearsenaled updates. Likely Type 3 barrel band and adjustable sight replaced by former owner back to Type 1 and repro flip. (Note: light mark on right side of stock below
IBM3796600Private OwnerCMPIBM Barrel 12-43
IBM3814811Private OwnerCMPService Grade, IBM non-dated barrel
IBM3817377Private OwnerPawn shopAll original except UEC front sight and type 3 barrel band
IBM3818484Private OwnerGun Showimport marked, mixed parts
IBM3835009Private OwnerGun brokerMixed parts only the bolt was IBM
IBM3840521Private OwnerCMP?Low Wood, Potbelly stock. "AO" stamped under serial# behind rear sight. Built between Jan44 - Mar44
IBM3841635Private OwnerCMPIn excellent condition, taken to range regularly, owned for 50 years.
IBM3842162Private OwnerGun StoreIBM barrel - 12-43 Receiver marked AO
IBM3844197Private OwnerCMP 
IBM3849062Private OwnerLocal gun shopBarrel and Receiver match. Everything is correct, except for after market stock.
IBM3871496Private OwnerPrivate purchaseUnknown stock replacement - dark burled wood - no markings. Barrel band w/ bayonet lug. Stamped type 3 rear sight. Trigger housing type 3 NL-Q.
IBM3871773Private OwnerFriendOnly question I have is the barrel band. Its a type 2 and I think it should be a type 1.
IBM3872684Private Ownergun showIBM BR-B stock with no "P" on pistol grip, has adjustable stamped rear sight, has bayonet lug, non dated IBM barrel.
IBM3874414Private Ownerprivateit comes from italian army (Corpo Forestale dello Stato)
IBM3874441Private OwnerCMPOriginal stock- 3HD stamped on stock. U stamped on under side
IBM3876746Private OwnerGun shop purchaseBuffalo Arms barrel dated 12/43, M2 stock/bolt and mixmaster parts. Purchased November 1997, reparkerized and presented as a gift to my father, a former USAF Air Policeman, Christmas 1997. When he passed in May 2001 it was returned to me.
IBM3877809Private OwnerCMPBavarian Rural Police
IBM3880107Private OwnerRTIIBM barrel, part of batch imported from Ethiopia.
IBM3880538Private OwnerMidwayBolt, Receiver, Sights IBM
IBM3883277Private OwnerPrivate SellerIBM barrel, receiver marked AO.
IBM3883402Private OwnerPrivate OwnerUndated IBM barrel, parts correct
IBM3886130Private OwnerprivateNo barrel date. JLB type 2 highwood stock
IBM3890613Private OwnerWilley Brothers gun shop, Reno, NevadaAppears very excellent condition. No wear on receiver, barrel shiny, clean. Action appears to have little use. No wear. Stock is excellent no dings. Shows appropriate dark color for age. Possibly arsenal refurb? Stamp on stock, possible refurb stamp? AAW. Augusta Arsenal rebuild? Cartouche on stock is faint. Possibly a boxed SE.
IBM3897415CarbineBobGun Shop 
IBM3897592dpd3672Private Purchase"AO" code, Auto Ordnance subcontractor. Underwood 6/44 barrel.

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