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Page size:
 75 items in 2 pages
NPM1451255Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
NPM1456900Private OwnerLGSUnderwood 1-44 barrel.
NPM1457069Private OwnerPrivate OwnerUnderwood barrel 1-43
NPM1462853Private OwnerGun ShowBarrel Rock-Ola 1-43
NPM1468411Private Ownerparticular spanischcarbine m1 found in an attic in Germany
NPM1471827Paul641Private sale 
NPM1472250Private OwnerGun Show Purchase 1996Buffalo Arms Barrel stamped 6-1943 with N marked front sight. Everything else was a mishmash of other manufacturers. Nice HI stock. Excel/Gardner MA import mark on barrel.
NPM1473204Private OwnerFFLUnderwood 3-43 barrel. I-cut, high wood stock. NPM/FJA Cartouche. Flat NPM bolt. RIA rebuild stamp, only non-matching parts are Inland stamped rear sight and Saginaw butt plate. IN marked oiler.
NPM1491648Private OwnerCMPNorth Store service grade.3-43 underwood barrel. Mix of NPM,winchester, and Inland part's. Inland High wood stock. Jonah at CMP forums
NPM1492065Private OwnerCMPBavarian Rural Police
NPM1494363Private OwnerCMPUnderwood Barrel 6-43
NPM1499190Private OwnerLocal Gun ShowPurchased M1 Carbine from seller at local gun show.
NPM1500124Private OwnerGunBrokerUnderwood barrel, dated 3 or 8 of 1944
NPM1500834Private OwnerPrivate OwnerUnderwood Barrel dated 6-43
NPM1500835Private OwnerVeteran SaleUnderwood Barrel 6-43
NPM1505351Private OwnerCMPBavarian Game Warden marked. Underwood barrel (6-43).
NPM1519653Private OwnerGun ShowCarbine demilitarized by government. Cut receiver purchased at gunshow 2015.
NPM1529067Private OwnerFamily 
NPM1535429Private OwnerGun BrokerUnderwood Barrel dated 3-44, no import marks
NPM1951742Private OwnerPrivate SellerLocation Western Europe Salvaged from a Hunting rifle conversion
NPM1953232Private OwnerCMPUnderwood 9-43 barrel, S-HB stamped in sling well, U stamped on butt stock, and Crossed Cannons Cartouche stamped on right side.
NPM1957027Private OwnerCMPcollection in New Zealand
NPM1958351Private Ownerprivate saleRock-Ola barrel (F); pot belly stock
NPM1964682Private OwnerGun ShopHerlo Replacement barrel, RSG Highwood Stock, Late Inland Trigger Housing with oiler hole, EM-Q Flat Bolt
NPM1968105Private OwnerPrivateUnderwoon 4-43 barrel. Type 2 highwood stock. NPM over FJA boxed cartouche
NPM1971255Private OwnerGun shopMarlin barrel Rebuilt at Mount Rainier Arsenal
NPM1980212Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
NPM4098072Bad GamblerPrivate SaleBavarian Rural Police/Austrian. Marlin barrel, IBM stock. All components marked with last 4 of serial number.
NPM4103022Private OwnerCMP 
NPM4111763SEJPrivate sale10-43 Underwood Barrel
NPM4118025Private OwnerCMPBavarian Forestry Police and Austrian Rural Police
NPM4125854Private OwnerPrivateAAK rebuild (Augusta Arsenal)11-43 Underwood barrel
NPM4131910Private OwnerGun ShowBarrel made by Underwood on November 1943. Came in a stock originally from a M2 Carbine
NPM4138782Private OwnerPrivate saleBuffalo Arms 10-43 bbl (Arl Ord reimport), Type III milled rear sight, Q-RMC high wood stock w/Ord Wheel on right, boxed RIA EP arsenal rebuild stamp on left.
NPM4141086Private OwnerBought in 1989 from Wholesalerunderwood barrel 11-43 dated N marked trigger housing, slide & bolt small parts are a mix of ww2 makers. type 3 sights with bayonet. it's a pure joy to fire this historic carbine.
NPM4148607Private OwnerAl's Gun Shop WBL, MNBuffalo Arms, 11/43 barrel, original configuration, no updates.
NPM4148968Private OwnerPrivate Purchase 
NPM4150213Private OwnerPrivate SalePost War Rebuild. Has original Barrel.
NPM4154335Private OwnerPrivate sale6-44 barrel
NPM4166110Private OwnerCMPBuffalo Arms 11-1943 marked barrel
NPM4168356Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
NPM4176431Private OwnerCMPPurchased 1967 from NRA/CMP by my father. Marlin barrel, SN front sight, N9 trigger housing, N15 slide, IO on handgaurd, SW-N sear, HI[?] on hammer, KI barrel band, Circle K and '7' in sling notch, what appears to be a stamped 'Z' on bottom of pistol grip. Overall excellent condition, pictures available.
NPM4179233Private OwnerPrivate SaleBuffalo Arms Type 2B Barrel Dated 11-43, Type 2 Bolt marked N, Type-4 Op Slide marked N, Walnut Stock, Recoil Plate Marked LN.
NPM4197247Private OwnerPassed on by friendNPM receiver with Underwood barrel dated 3-44. Trigger group is all National Postal Meter as is bolt, slide and rear flip sight. Butt Plate is I believe to be NPM no marking but correct dimpling pattern.I have a sling, oiler, stock pouch dated 1943 and bayonet by Imperial 1944-1945 looks to be un issued.Stock is Low Wood Marked “CAB”, for Charles A. Byland, Inspector. Indicates this is a Benecia Arsenal rebuild.
NPM4197718Private OwnerPrivateMarlin barrel - Walnut stock in excellent shape - no oiler/sling/barrel band when purchased
NPM4200650Private OwnerPrivateUnderwood 2-44 barrel. T2 stock converted to low wood..U.rebuild on wrist
NPM4207499dpd3672Private PurchaseIBM undated first Carbine!
NPM4207763Private OwnerPrivate Saleundated IBM barrel, flat bolt

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