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Page size:
 103 items in 3 pages
NPM1451255Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
NPM1456079Private OwnerCMP 
NPM1456900Private OwnerLGSUnderwood 1-44 barrel.
NPM1457069Private OwnerPrivate OwnerUnderwood barrel 1-43
NPM1457880Private OwnerPrivate saleCorrect early NPM
NPM1460963Private OwnerMidway USAUnderwood barrel 2/43, Early W slide, UN barrel swivel type 1, NPM stock marked “FJA” and TN - rounded oiler slot - low wood, flat bolt w/EM-Q, push button safety EW
NPM1462853Private OwnerGun ShowBarrel Rock-Ola 1-43
NPM1468329Private Owner DRHPrivate Sale 
NPM1468411Private Ownerparticular spanischcarbine m1 found in an attic in Germany
NPM1471827Paul641Private sale 
NPM1472250Private OwnerGun Show Purchase 1996Buffalo Arms Barrel stamped 6-1943 with N marked front sight. Everything else was a mishmash of other manufacturers. Nice HI stock. Excel/Gardner MA import mark on barrel.
NPM1473204Private OwnerFFLUnderwood 3-43 barrel. I-cut, high wood stock. NPM/FJA Cartouche. Flat NPM bolt. RIA rebuild stamp, only non-matching parts are Inland stamped rear sight and Saginaw butt plate. IN marked oiler.
NPM1491648Private OwnerCMPNorth Store service grade.3-43 underwood barrel. Mix of NPM,winchester, and Inland part's. Inland High wood stock. Jonah at CMP forums
NPM1492065Private OwnerCMPBavarian Rural Police
NPM1494363Private OwnerCMPUnderwood Barrel 6-43
NPM1499190Private OwnerLocal Gun ShowPurchased M1 Carbine from seller at local gun show.
NPM1500124Private OwnerGunBrokerUnderwood barrel, dated 3 or 8 of 1944
NPM1500834Private OwnerPrivate OwnerUnderwood Barrel dated 6-43
NPM1500835Private OwnerVeteran SaleUnderwood Barrel 6-43
NPM1502649Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
NPM1505351Private OwnerCMPBavarian Game Warden marked. Underwood barrel (6-43).
NPM1518912Private OwnerCMP 
NPM1519653Private OwnerGun ShowCarbine demilitarized by government. Cut receiver purchased at gunshow 2015.
NPM1524545Private OwnerPowder Ridge M!Just got this carbine, 3/2022. Have not had enough time to see how correct it is, but it looks pretty original. We'll see. In good shape.
NPM1529067Private OwnerFamily 
NPM1535429Private OwnerGun BrokerUnderwood Barrel dated 3-44, no import marks
NPM1951742Private OwnerPrivate SellerLocation Western Europe Salvaged from a Hunting rifle conversion
NPM1953232Private OwnerCMPUnderwood 9-43 barrel, S-HB stamped in sling well, U stamped on butt stock, and Crossed Cannons Cartouche stamped on right side.
NPM1957027Private OwnerCMPcollection in New Zealand
NPM1957973E PennCMPTypical service grade mixed parts carbine purchased from the CMP.
NPM1958351Private Ownerprivate saleRock-Ola barrel (F); pot belly stock
NPM1960994Private OwnerMidway USAItalian return acquired through Midway USA; Marlin barrel; TN marked high wood walnut stock.
NPM1962864Dave ZavoinaEuropean Government ReturnI purchased the NPM M1 Carbine from Midway, USA in June, 2021. This rifle was a return from the Italian Carbonari, the Italian National Police. It was one of many that were supplied originally to the Italian Government at the conclusion of hostilities and its my understanding that these were stored since 1950.
NPM1964682Private OwnerGun ShopHerlo Replacement barrel, RSG Highwood Stock, Late Inland Trigger Housing with oiler hole, EM-Q Flat Bolt
NPM1968105Private OwnerPrivateUnderwoon 4-43 barrel. Type 2 highwood stock. NPM over FJA boxed cartouche
NPM1971255Private OwnerGun shopMarlin barrel Rebuilt at Mount Rainier Arsenal
NPM1976275Private Ownerindividual 
NPM1980212Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
NPM4090807Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
NPM4097291Private OwnerPrivate purchase 
NPM4098072Bad GamblerPrivate SaleBavarian Rural Police/Austrian. Marlin barrel, IBM stock. All components marked with last 4 of serial number.
NPM4103022Private OwnerCMP 
NPM4111763SEJPrivate sale10-43 Underwood Barrel
NPM4114786Private OwnerCMPAustria Bavarian border police ZW 2956
NPM4118025Private OwnerCMPBavarian Forestry Police and Austrian Rural Police
NPM4125854Private OwnerPrivateAAK rebuild (Augusta Arsenal)11-43 Underwood barrel
NPM4131910Private OwnerGun ShowBarrel made by Underwood on November 1943. Came in a stock originally from a M2 Carbine
NPM4138782Private OwnerPrivate saleBuffalo Arms 10-43 bbl (Arl Ord reimport), Type III milled rear sight, Q-RMC high wood stock w/Ord Wheel on right, boxed RIA EP arsenal rebuild stamp on left.

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