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WRA5640551Private OwnerRock Island Auctions 
WRA5642076Private OwnerGun ShopAll original and correct in very good condition. No sling or oiler.
WRA5649739Private OwnerCMPAll original and correct.
WRA5654471Private OwnerBorer Trading SwitzerlandBought from collector 2020. Damaged replica stock. Replaced with para stock. Generally good to very good condition.
WRA5664478Private OwnerPrivateWin marked barrel. Rear sight T3 H in shield. T2 barrel band.
WRA5665799Private OwnerCMPMy Dad, a WWII USMC vet, purchased it.
WRA5665909Private OwnerCMPI'm not sure what (source) means but my father bought this rifle from a private seller in Delaware and gave it to me. It is in very good cond. with all matching numbers.
WRA5666836Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 1737Catalog Number:SPAR 1737
WRA5672146Private OwnerPrivate sale 
WRA5674720Private OwnerCMPMost parts match except trigger housing which is a type IV marked BE-B. RIA rebuild marking with E B as the inspector. Over all 85%.
WRA5679355Private OwnerGun ShopAll original, except for a Boyds Replacement Stock. Has Type 3 Bayonet Lug Barrel Band, USGI Sling & Oiler...FANTASTIC CARBINE , EXCELLENT SHOOTER.
WRA5682646Private OwnerPrivate DealerRifle with Rockola 6-43 Barrel. Was reconstruction project for someone as it had Universal Stock Set and aftermarket cast trigger group. Now with GI trigger group and new CMP replacement stock set.
WRA5683036Private OwnerCMP 
WRA5689384Private OwnerPrivateWin barrel. Low wood WRA over GHD cartouche . W in slingwell
WRA5709942Private OwnerPrivate SaleUnissued correct.
WRA5711349Private OwnerRoyal Tiger ImportsIt is an import from Ethiopia.
WRA5712550Private OwnerGift from grandfather 
WRA5714835Private OwnerCabelasCorrect rifle except for Bolt, rear sight and bayonet lug. Has an M-2 Winchester slide.
WRA5717334Private OwnerGun shop 
WRA5720014Private OwnerPrivate PurchasePlease enter my Carbine to your data base for all to enjoy
WRA5721538Private OwnerPawn ShopExcellent condition with original Winchester barrel.
WRA5722006Private OwnerCMP 
WRA5724425Private OwnerRock Island Auction 
WRA5725416Private OwnerPrivate SaleImport mark on barrel, Korean sling and wood.
WRA5734074Private OwnerCMP 
WRA5738906Private OwnerPrivate SaleGreat condition, trigger housing stamped Q-NL. Rear sight marked stamped with a shield & an H on the inside of the shield.
WRA5742672Private Ownergun shopNo rebuild marks, all Winchester except recoil plate marked .U., no w in sling well.
WRA5747653Private OwnerPrivate SellerCame on an after market folding stock but all parts match and are appropriately marked and correct type for vintage.
WRA5752805Private Ownerpptdata sheet
WRA5753608Private OwnerCMPRamp sight, no bayonet lug.
WRA5755627Private OwnerPrivate Seller 
WRA5776001Private OwnerPrivate sale 
WRA5777035Private OwnerRoyal Tiger Imports 
WRA5779190Private OwnerGun StoreT stamped receiver
WRA5784692Private OwnerGun StoreSeems to be refurbished. Came in individual wood crate with accessories. Am not sure of the company selling it. Bought 2009.
WRA5785492Private OwnerPrivate saleWinchester receiver with barrel marked “W” no date. Walnut pot belly stock marked “W” in sling well and no rebuild or cartouche marks. Walnut hand guard marked “OI”. Barrel band marked “MMQ”. Round bolt marked “W”. Operating slide block marked D716843 and letter “T”. Type 2 rear sight marked “P”. Type “IV” rotary safety. Very good condition.
WRA5789380Private OwnerCMPAll Winchester parts except type 3 barrel band and adj. rear sight.
WRA5793464Private OwnerCMP 
WRA5794236Private OwnerPrivate sale 
WRA5796754Private Ownergun shopmatching barrel and receiver, bayonet lug
WRA5797785dpd3672Private Purchase"T" code, Intertype subcontractor. Undated Winchester barrel.
WRA5798889Private OwnerCMP 
WRA5803504Private OwnerPrivate saleimport marked mix master
WRA5815766Private OwnerCMP 
WRA5832591Private OwnerCMPmint condition family inheritance
SGS5836008Private OwnerCMPSaginaw SG Div, General Motors barrel
SGS5838020Private OwnerCMPPurchased on GB. Lower left receiver marked SG, barrel underwood 10-44 w/ front sight marked NN, type 3 barrel band marked Q; trigger group inland; bolt w/.U. Under left lug; type 5 slide marked PI line under it; stamped adjustable rear sight w/H within shield right side; stock as P mark and bottom of pistol grip marked RA-P also has RSG in sling well.
SGS5841086Private OwnerCMPNot sure of where this rifle has been but my grandfather served through the entire WWII in Italy, France and Germany for the Canadian 104th Anti-tank battalion. He likely bought it after the war. My grandmother used it for hunting. The original rear sight is gone and is replaced with a scope mount that did not require modification of the sight mount slot. Otherwise, the rifle appears to be completely original.
SGS5841334Private OwnerGun shopAlmost all marked S.G., trigger housing marked S'G'. orig. RSG stock & hand guard, flip sights

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