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Inland5400166Private OwnerFamily member 
Inland5402643Private OwnerCMPM1A1 Inland 9/44 barrel
Inland5413143dnmccoy @ CMPPrivate sale 
Inland5418781Private OwnerCMPBarrel: INLAND MFG DIV, GENERAL MOTORS, 2-44
Inland5421173Private OwnerCMPI was born approximately 2years before this rifle was made. It is excellent shape and I have shot it a few times and it is a fine and accurate shooter. My Dad was at Omaha beach on D-Day and survived. His brother was a Pearl Harbor survivor. When I see the movie Pearl Harbor, he was one of the ones who jumped off the pier to not get shelled. We buried them both in 2003. May they R.I.P. I was in Naval Aviation and love this weapon. I am 72 and st
Inland5432590Private OwnerPrivate OwnerGiven to me as a gift when I moved from NJ to WA in 2018, along with a generous amount of surplus 15 and 30 rounder magazines. Inland barrel dated 3-1944, type 3 barrel band with bayonet lug and post-war adjustable sights.
Inland5435592Private OwnerPrivateBarrel 5-44. Barrel band T2 PI in triangle shape.Rear sight milled PI marked
Inland5436647Private OwnerCMP 
Inland5450482Private OwnerCMPM1A1, Barrel dated 8/44, Barrel band type 2 marked KI. Rear sight milled HI
Inland5460263Private OwnerPrivate OwnerPurchased her back in '75, from a friend in HS. She didn't have a stock. Sourced what I could afford from a local gun shop. Other than that I don't know anything about her. Her serial number and barrel dates don't match your web info. I cant find any arsenal rebuild marks, or import marks. Can someone tell me what I actually have.
Inland5465426Private Ownerunknown 
Inland5468924Private OwnerCMPThe carbine is in Italy
Inland5500436Private OwnerCMPIf any history is available, It would just "Shiver me Timbers"
Inland5503749Private OwnerCMP9-44 with P stamped on barrel
Inland5508358Private OwnerunknownNo import mark
Inland5510069Bad GamblerCMP ForumAll correct, could be all original DCM with box. 6-44 barrel. Inland stock.
Inland5518105Private OwnerCMPinland mfg. div. general motors 9-44
Inland5518553Private OwnerPrivate saleFlip safety, adjustable rear sight, bayonet lug, M2 cut
Inland5528698Private OwnerPrivate OwnerInland Barrel dated 9-44
Inland5531875Private OwnerPrivate AuctionInland GM barrel 9-44. Type III stock stamped LEAD on left side P on pistol grip and IO in sling well. Receiver is military finish. Bayonet lug. SG stamped on heel. SA op rod. EU front sight. I.R. Co. type III rear sight. Inland trigger housing. Remainder are mixed parts.
Inland5534297Private OwnerCMP9-44 Inland Barrel
Inland5537887Private OwnerCMPAmerical division new caledonia
Inland5548446Private OwnerCMPThis Inland carbine has a 9-44 dated Inland barrel.
Inland5548652dpd3672CMP AuctionM1A1. Inland undated barrel.
WRA5552224Private OwnerCMPThe carbine is a good shooter in good condition.
WRA5554120Private OwnerPersonal Collection 
WRA5555108Private Ownerprivate purchaseProbably came from CMP in the 1960s.
WRA5555300Private OwnerCMPHas been completely chrome plated, except front and rear sights. Included chrome plated flash hider and chrome plated 20 round magazine and chrome plated 30 round magazine. Functions well.
WRA5562082Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
WRA5563816Private OwnerCMP 
WRA5564028Private OwnerFamilyUpdated, trying to return it to factory parts.
WRA5574085Private OwnerCMP 
WRA5574141Private OwnerCMP 
WRA5576057Private OwnerKeepsake from my fatherMy father bought this at a gun show in the 1960s, (he was issued a similar one in the US Army in WW2 Europe) and this carbine passed to me upon his death in 1969
WRA5579708Private OwnerPrivateGreat shooter and LOVE it...IBM Barrel
WRA5584502Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 1725Catalog Number:SPAR 1725
WRA5584740Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 1745Catalog Number:SPAR 1745
WRA5590289Private OwnerCMP 
WRA5603431Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseW marked bbl, H in shield T2 Rr sight. Clean and Repair rifle, Davidson's Import mark on bottom of bbl. Rcvr, Rr St, Bbl all appear to be original, and are pristine condition. Go figure. Different colors, not bead blasted nor buffed. Fr St RIA, 'KI' T3 Bbl Band. The rest is mix master. Appears to have never bee used after C&R.
WRA5603749Private OwnerGrandfathers WWII Weapon he brought backExcellent condition, all original as issued to my grandfather in late '44, early '45.
WRA5604066Private OwnerRTIFlat bolt, no manufacturer, just proof punch. Early Winchester?
WRA5604670Private OwnerCMPW marked barrel
WRA5612591Private OwnerGunbrokerW marked barrel, WRA/GHD + ordnance wheel, Inland type II barrel band, all other parts Winchester. NRA sale 1965 with papers.
WRA5615339Private OwnerCMPThere are a few other marks on the rifle stock, barrel, and front barrel band which I will add later after I research the meaning of the initials.
WRA5618230Private OwnerCMP Forum 
WRA5622100R.A. Jones CollectionDCM (now the CMP) 
WRA5622675Aaron K.Private Party 
WRA5626113Private OwnerUnknownCarbine on display at Cu Chi tunnels historic site north of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
WRA5639068Private OwnerprivateWinchester barrel, IBM bolt, Slide, Trigger Group, and 2 rivet hand guard. rear sight. Type II barrel band. The stock is a post war replacement.

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