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SGS5836008Private OwnerCMPSaginaw SG Div, General Motors barrel
SGS5838020Private OwnerCMPPurchased on GB. Lower left receiver marked SG, barrel underwood 10-44 w/ front sight marked NN, type 3 barrel band marked Q; trigger group inland; bolt w/.U. Under left lug; type 5 slide marked PI line under it; stamped adjustable rear sight w/H within shield right side; stock as P mark and bottom of pistol grip marked RA-P also has RSG in sling well.
SGS5841086Private OwnerCMPNot sure of where this rifle has been but my grandfather served through the entire WWII in Italy, France and Germany for the Canadian 104th Anti-tank battalion. He likely bought it after the war. My grandmother used it for hunting. The original rear sight is gone and is replaced with a scope mount that did not require modification of the sight mount slot. Otherwise, the rifle appears to be completely original.
SGS5841334Private OwnerGun shopAlmost all marked S.G., trigger housing marked S'G'. orig. RSG stock & hand guard, flip sights
SGS5845565Private OwnerGun ShopIsraeli Defense Force, no import mark
SGS5857239Private OwnerGun Collectors ShowIt is a S.G. receiver, correct SG marked barrel, bolt and op-rod. It has been updated with M2 parts such as stamped rear sight, Inland M2 trigger housing, SI marked barrel band with bayonet lug. Appears to have been an Italy returned rifle as it has the "FAT" marking on the stock.
SGS5858270Private OwnerGun store, Glen Burnie, MD 
RMC6075123Private OwnerPrivate saleMostly correct
RMC6077921Private OwnerCMPBarrell. Bolt and Handguard RockOla. Misc other parts Stock FAT67, Cmp from Italy
RMC6084401Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 1722Catalog Number:SPAR 1722
RMC6091926Keith EichenlaubJ.Nixon collectionRock-Ola barrel no date
UEF6101178CMP AuctionCMP AuctionListing # 1339 Bavarian Rural Police
UEF6121157Private OwnerCMP3-44 UEF barrel
UEF6128792Private OwnerCMP 
UEF6137448courtjester801CMP Auction
RMC6200182Private OwnerPrivate sellerRock-Ola barrel
RMC6212093Private OwnerBrock's Gunsmithing 
RMC6214475Private OwnerPrivate SaleAll original, excellent condition
Inland6229788Private OwnerOtherBarrel= 9-44 Walnut Stock= IO Cartouches: *Cross Cannons *RIA/EB *Circled P (Forward Grip) *P (Bottom Grip) *Painted Rack Number (27) (Bottom Grip) Walnut Hand Guard= IO
Inland6230245Private OwnerPrivate Sales 
Inland6244605Private OwnerCMP 
Inland6250922Private OwnerCCNLM1A1 appears as COM CCNL #152 page 3 bbl IN 9-44
Inland6255806Private Ownerprivate sale 
Inland6260930Private OwnerPrivate.CAI import.10-44 barrel date. RIA EB stock marked LJ in sling well
Inland6268331Private OwnerPrivate Salepot-belly stock, "M" Mag. Catch
Inland6282270Private OwnerPrivate OwnerDecomissioned and phased out from italian Arma dei Carabinieri (Italian Ministry of Defence gendarmerie force). M4 bayonet of italian 1960 post-war production by A.E.T. (Arsenale Esercito Torino = Turin army arsenal).
Inland6286594Private OwnerPrivate saleImport stamped
Inland6287390Private OwnerPrivate CollectionSA M2 replacement stock, possible reproduction deep groove 2-rivet handguard. 10-44 Inland Barrel, Inland barrel band, bolt, operating slide, sear, early diagonal butt plate. Winchester Type 2 recoil plate. Underwood trigger housing, hammer, magazine catch.
Inland6293815Private OwnerPrivate salepaperweight
Inland6297383Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 7221Catalog Number:SPAR 7221 U.S. CARBINE M1A1 .30
Inland6298075Private OwnerPrivateInland 3-44 barrel
Inland6313538Private OwnerPrivate saleStock and Receiver are stamped "Toledo Police Dept"
Inland6315682Private OwnerPrivate 
Inland6320603Private OwnerPassed down from father, a retired police sergeantStandard issue by the Detroit Police Department and used during the Detroit race riot of 1967.
Inland6323854Private OwnerCMP 
Inland6326401Private Ownerprivate 
Inland6330927Private OwnerCMP 
Inland6331304H.F. Griffincmb 
Inland6349487Private OwnerBought from local sheriff's deptUnderwood 9-44 barrel, T2 rear sight, Saginaw T3 operating slide, Marlin T3 stock, Underwood T4 trigger houseing, T4 safety, seemingly otherwise correct.
Inland6358489Private OwnerOtherLocated in France
Inland6365533dpd3672CMP AuctionM1A1. Inland "44" barrel (no month).
Inland6371665Private OwnerMiltechI purchased this Carbine through Miltech Vintage Rifles in 1993. It has an Inland Barrel dated 11-44 and Inland trigger group. The barrel band is stamped KI and the rear sight is stamped SA. The safety is stamped O.A.O and the magazine catch is stamped M.
Inland6374496Private OwnerFlea MarketThis M1 Carbine has been demilled. 7/43 Inland Barrel.Added a repro flip sight and removed bayonet lug. Has smooth mag release and smooth push button safety. Use in rifle rack when displaying or reenacting with my jeep.
Inland6380861Private Ownerlocal gun storeBarrell Inland 11-43 1.5. Trigger type 5 Inland, Bolt OI, Slide Type 5 underlined P, R sight PI,Barrel band AI, Handguard type 3 OI, Stock type 3, no markings
Inland6387182n8huckinsCMP Forum PurchaseCMP carbine, 11/44 inland barrel, all correct.
Inland6388435Private OwnerCMP 
Inland6403142Private OwnerCMP 
Inland6415393Private OwnerCMPBarrel Underwood 9/44
Inland6420473Private Ownerprivate sale 

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