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IBM3872684Private Ownergun showIBM BR-B stock with no "P" on pistol grip, has adjustable stamped rear sight, has bayonet lug, non dated IBM barrel.
IBM3874414Private Ownerprivateit comes from italian army (Corpo Forestale dello Stato)
IBM3874441Private OwnerCMPOriginal stock- 3HD stamped on stock. U stamped on under side
IBM3876746Private OwnerGun shop purchaseBuffalo Arms barrel dated 12/43, M2 stock/bolt and mixmaster parts. Purchased November 1997, reparkerized and presented as a gift to my father, a former USAF Air Policeman, Christmas 1997. When he passed in May 2001 it was returned to me.
IBM3877809Private OwnerCMPBavarian Rural Police
IBM3880107Private OwnerRTIIBM barrel, part of batch imported from Ethiopia.
IBM3880538Private OwnerMidwayBolt, Receiver, Sights IBM
IBM3883277Private OwnerPrivate SellerIBM barrel, receiver marked AO.
IBM3883402Private OwnerPrivate OwnerUndated IBM barrel, parts correct
IBM3886130Private OwnerprivateNo barrel date. JLB type 2 highwood stock
IBM3890613Private OwnerWilley Brothers gun shop, Reno, NevadaAppears very excellent condition. No wear on receiver, barrel shiny, clean. Action appears to have little use. No wear. Stock is excellent no dings. Shows appropriate dark color for age. Possibly arsenal refurb? Stamp on stock, possible refurb stamp? AAW. Augusta Arsenal rebuild? Cartouche on stock is faint. Possibly a boxed SE.
IBM3897415CarbineBobGun Shop 
IBM3897592dpd3672Private Purchase"AO" code, Auto Ordnance subcontractor. Underwood 6/44 barrel.
IBM3897599Private OwnerPrivate saleOriginal "bring back"
IBM3897759Private OwnerRti 
IBM3897877Private OwnerCMPUn-dated IBM marked barrel
IBM3898108Coastal Police Supply Co. ownerCMP/or DCMPurchased in 1971 by dealer in Pensacola, FL from Anniston Army Depot for $20.00 plus $4.00 shipping. Original box was never opened until I acquired the rifle from the owner's son in a trade. Rifle is apparently unfired since arsenal rework. Box contained magazine and un-opened cleaning kit. Barrel is SA 8-49, flip safety, bayonet lug/band marked Q with J on the lug, SC in sling cut, cartouche on left side of stock RIA over EB in box, trigger
IBM3900975SEJGun showIBM Barrel
IBM3901473Private OwnerAUCTIONAll original
IBM3906830Private OwnerCMPBavarian Rural Police 'AO'
IBM3906868Private OwnerCMP 
IBM3908983Private OwnerTrade from Private OwnerBarrel: IBM CORP original/ undated. Original TN Marked flip sight. BEB Trigger Housing. POB Front Sight. LWB 2 rivet Handguard. Wartime Replacement Stock marked IR and flaming Bomb in slingwell. Inspector Cartouche on right side of Stock. EPB Push Safety. PRB Mag catch. Type II Band marked with two // AOB Type IV slide. Round AOB Bolt.
IBM3923299Private OwnerOwner 
IBM3925087Private OwnerPrivate OwnerIBM undated barrel, mostly Inland small parts, B-EB trigger housing, OI stock with RIA over EB on right side, LW-B handguard, IN-B flip sight, great shooter.
IBM3933462Private Ownervarious lists relative to markingsBarrel, receiver, operating slide and bolt are correct. All other parts were replaced during rebuild era.
IBM3937415wstanleyPrivate PurchaseCMP Rifle
IBM3937801T. ShookBring home from Ww2My uncle went into the Army in 1937 and stayed in all through the war till it’s end. He was assigned to the 4th I.D. And was spun off to the 291st combat engineers that stopped piper. He was able to slip it home after the war and I’ve had it since I was 10. I’m now 61. It’s in perfect condition and according to the sn it was made in March 44 and issued to him to replace a Thompson after he made Sgt Firsst class on the coming ashore on the evenin
IBM3943501Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 1730Catalog Number:SPAR 1730
IBM3944991Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 1734Catalog Number:SPAR 1734
IBM3950668Private OwnerGun shopAs issued, all parts IBM, composite trigger housing.
IBM3951327Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
IBM3952235Private Ownerprivate saleall matching
IBM3954617Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
IBM3957722Private OwnerOwneronly non-original parts seem to be the rear sight (Type 3 I.R.CO.), sear (IBM type 1 vice Type 2), and Hand guard (Rock-Ola 2 rivet). All other parts are marked with IBM ‘B’ correct for s/n manufacture timeframe. Jamestown Lounge low wood stock. No US arsenal overhaul marks on stock.
UEF4012708Private OwnerCMP 
UEF4032936CapnduaneBlue Sky, Arlington Va. 
UEF4040200Private OwnerPrivate 
UEF4052144Private OwnerCMP 
UEF4053869Private OwnerCMP 
UEF4055069Private OwnerCMPThis rifle is a part of our, each one of us Americans, history ! This weapon was a blessing from God, that save lives and protected others, across this country and around the world.
UEF4055633Private OwnerPrivate 
UEF4058012Private OwnerCMP9/43 dated barrel
NPM4090807Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
NPM4097291Private OwnerPrivate purchase 
NPM4098072Bad GamblerPrivate SaleBavarian Rural Police/Austrian. Marlin barrel, IBM stock. All components marked with last 4 of serial number.
NPM4103022Private OwnerCMP 
NPM4111763SEJPrivate sale10-43 Underwood Barrel
NPM4114786Private OwnerCMPAustria Bavarian border police ZW 2956
NPM4118025Private OwnerCMPBavarian Forestry Police and Austrian Rural Police

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