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Page size:
 245 items in 5 pages
Inland5099656Private OwnerPrivateInland Barrel dated 2-1944, bit of a mix master inside, looks like its seen its fair share of action, but still runs like a champ
Inland5105742Private OwnerPrivate sale. Originally DCM gun '67 
Inland5109134Private OwnerCMPPrivate Owner
Inland5118203Private OwnerBlue Sky Import,It's a Blue Sky Import got from a gun shop in 2004. Barrel marked 4-44 Inland, I rebuilt it years ago with a new stock I finished my self. also have a USGI Inland M1 stock had to replace the junk stock Blue Sky had on it. shoots great.
Inland5143170Private OwnerCMPInland Wood Inland barrel 4-44 Complete inland internals.
Inland5168123dpd3672CMP AuctionM1A1. Inland 4/44 barrel.
Inland5171015Bad GamblerPrivate OwnerSold as a receiver with original rear sight. Currently has all correct Inland components with a 12/43 Inland barrel. M1A1 rebuilt stock marked AAK.
Inland5193604Private OwnerCMP44 year only Inland barrel
Inland5207382Private OwnerSOE WWII Airdrop (Denmark) 
Inland5210616Private OwnerCMPBarrel marked Inland MFG, with General motors under and dated 5-44
Inland5217879Private OwnerCMP 
Inland5223634Private OwnerBisgaardnielsen JutlandDropped over Denmark during WWII, at least 90% of the parts fits the date of the barrel and receiver serial number.
Inland5227492Private OwnerCMP 
Inland5230124Private OwnerPrivate SourceReceiver is welded and cracked. Considered to unserviceable.
Inland5237400Private OwnerCMPDropped over Norway in 1944.
Inland5242306Private OwnerCMPThis carbine was air dropped at the south archipelago of Fyn in Denmark at the end of WW2, and was used by the Danish Resistance.
Inland5256899Private OwnerCMP 
Inland5273899Private OwnerCMPInland Barrel 6-44
Inland5276338Private OwnerGun ShopInland barrel 6-44, Inland Stock and Handguard, AI round Bolt, Recoil Pl. PI, Slide underlined PI with #, Hammer I-I, Mag Catch E.I, Push Button safety, Barrel Band Type II.
Inland5285192Private OwnerCMPService Grade, Inland 2-44 barrel
Inland5312643dpd3672Private PurchaseInland 5/44 barrel.
Inland5315496Private OwnerPrivate purchaseM1A1; Bbl date 5/44
Inland5351438Private OwnerPrivate sale 
Inland5353759Private OwnerUnknownCarbine on display at Cu Chi tunnels historic site north of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Inland5370432Private OwnerinheritedBarrel date is 7-44. Has bayonet lug.
Inland5373909Private OwnerPrivateMixed parts
Inland5388130Private OwnerPrivate SaleBarrel made in June of 1944, Receiver was made in early 44, late 43.
Inland5390256Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseM1A1 paratrooper carbine. Type 2 sights, type 2 barrel band, correct marked stock.
Inland5392046Private OwnerCMP 
Inland5395254JohnnyOCMP auctionM-A1 with Inland Barrel 7-44
Inland5400063Private OwnerInherited from deceased fatherMarked Interarms VA on left side of barrel
Inland5402643Private OwnerCMPM1A1 Inland 9/44 barrel
Inland5413143dnmccoy @ CMPPrivate sale 
Inland5418781Private OwnerCMPBarrel: INLAND MFG DIV, GENERAL MOTORS, 2-44
Inland5421173Private OwnerCMPI was born approximately 2years before this rifle was made. It is excellent shape and I have shot it a few times and it is a fine and accurate shooter. My Dad was at Omaha beach on D-Day and survived. His brother was a Pearl Harbor survivor. When I see the movie Pearl Harbor, he was one of the ones who jumped off the pier to not get shelled. We buried them both in 2003. May they R.I.P. I was in Naval Aviation and love this weapon. I am 72 and st
Inland5435592Private OwnerPrivateBarrel 5-44. Barrel band T2 PI in triangle shape.Rear sight milled PI marked
Inland5450482Private OwnerCMPM1A1, Barrel dated 8/44, Barrel band type 2 marked KI. Rear sight milled HI
Inland5465426Private Ownerunknown 
Inland5500436Private OwnerCMPIf any history is available, It would just "Shiver me Timbers"
Inland5503749Private OwnerCMP9-44 with P stamped on barrel
Inland5508358Private OwnerunknownNo import mark
Inland5510069Bad GamblerCMP ForumAll correct, could be all original DCM with box. 6-44 barrel. Inland stock.
Inland5518105Private OwnerCMPinland mfg. div. general motors 9-44
Inland5518553Private OwnerPrivate saleFlip safety, adjustable rear sight, bayonet lug, M2 cut
Inland5528698Private OwnerPrivate OwnerInland Barrel dated 9-44
Inland5531875Private OwnerPrivate AuctionInland GM barrel 9-44. Type III stock stamped LEAD on left side P on pistol grip and IO in sling well. Receiver is military finish. Bayonet lug. SG stamped on heel. SA op rod. EU front sight. I.R. Co. type III rear sight. Inland trigger housing. Remainder are mixed parts.
Inland5534297Private OwnerCMP9-44 Inland Barrel
Inland5537887Private OwnerCMPAmerical division new caledonia

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