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 387 items in 8 pages
Page size:
 387 items in 8 pages
Inland6646790Private OwnerCMP 
Inland6649289Private OwnerPrivate Seller12-44 Inland Barrel
Inland6653237Private OwnerCMP 
Inland6676769netconnlost@gmail.comlocal gunshopOriginal bbl.
Inland6678621Private OwnerCMP originally, private purchase after that. 
Inland6688532Private OwnerCMP 
Inland6690207Private OwnerFamily owned 
Inland6693148Private Ownergun shop11/44 dated inland gm barrel
Inland6700764Private OwnerPRIVATE SALEBARREL: 12-44
Inland6705503Private OwnerCMPinland 12-44 brl,all markings and stamps appear to match production date.
Inland6721367Private OwnerInherited from friend 
Inland6728542Private Owner brassratCMP 2016Hand Stamped “1” in M1 on receiver. Barrel date 12-44. Post war marked: “BAVARIA FORESTRY POLICE-N+O” on top of receiver to the left of the bolt…N = Niederbayern (Lower Bavaria) & O = Oberpfalz (upper Palatine). Marked “8542” on op rod & bolt. Subsequently conveyed to Austria and marked: “LGKST 1114” on bottom of trigger housing…LGKST = Landes Gendarmerie Kommando Steiermark (Provincial police Command Steiermark).
Inland6738406Private OwnerGunbroker1-45 barrel, all inland marked parts, faint import stamp under barrel "Arlington Ordnance"
Inland6743006Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
Inland6744149Private OwnerCMP 
Inland6744415Private OwnerPrivate SellerINLAND MFG.DIV. GENERAL MOTORS 12-44
Inland6746366Private OwnerCMP 
Inland6761545Private OwnerPrivate purchase6-45 stamped barrel.
Inland6769592Private OwnerCMP1-45 Inland Barrel "Handstamp M1"
Inland6775553Private OwnerdealerDemilled receiver
Inland6781323Private OwnerGun StoreFound in used gun section of local gun store. Original barrel, otherwise a mix master.
Inland6797719Private OwnerGun Broker 
Inland6800729Private OwnerPrivate sellerHand Stamp M1 carbine. Barrel Inland 1/45, M2 Trigger housing VI, Hammer type III I-I,Type II rear sight, Type I front sight N, Round Bolt OI, Type VI slide PI, Type IV safety EI, Type IV magazine catch HI, Type II sear XI, Type III Barrel band KI,
Inland6804926Private OwnerFound in Pawn Shop2-45 Barrel, KI bayonet mount, L.R.C.O. rear sight, RMC no box in sling well, Rariton Arsenal RA stamp on right side of stock, P stamp on pistol grip,
Inland6851171Private OwnerPrivateHand stamped M1 on receiver ring. 3-45 barrel date
Inland6864539Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
Inland6907237Private OwnerCMPmarked on barrel [3-45.] on right side rear sight [I.R.CO.]
Inland6909483Private OwnerRetail StoreAs purchased: Blue Sky Import, Augusta Arsenal rebuild mark on M2 stock. Original (likely) 2-45 barrel. Parts mix appropriate to rebuild (mix M2/M1 parts).
Inland6909833Private OwnerOwner 
Inland6939986Private OwnerCMPAll Inland parts and stock. Service Grade
Inland6947877Private OwnerGunbrokerHand Stamp M1. Arlington Ord. import from South Korea. 2-45 barrel, original finish.
Inland6965150Private OwnerPRIVATE SALE 
Inland7019458Private OwnerPrivate SellerHand Stamp M1 Carbine. Has M2 trigger housing, Type VI slide, Type III sear HI, Type III barrel Band, Type I front sight N, Type II rear sight, Round Bolt AI 3,Type IV magazine catch, Barrel is Inland W/o date and counter bored.
Inland7025338Private OwnerGun shopLocation Western Europe, barrel marked Inland 4-45, came with perfectly fitting Krag-Jorgensen bayonet
Inland7061425Private OwnerUnknownCarbine on display at Cu Chi tunnels historic site north of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Inland7170852Private OwnerUnknownCarbine on display at Cu Chi tunnels historic site north of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Inland7578975Private OwnerCMPGiven to me by my uncle, now the family patriarch, who received this carbine as a gift from his dad (my grandfather) back in '61.

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