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 387 items in 8 pages
Inland2976327Private OwnerPurchased From CollectorThis rifle was issued to the TVA and has their control numbers or rack numbers electro penciled on the receiver just behind the rear sight, and on the recoil plate. It was at sometime updated with a bayonet lug, 30 round magazine catch, flip safety.
Inland3031447Private OwnerCMPinland 11-43 barrell
Inland3037969Private OwnerCMP (purch'd 01 Feb 2016, rec'd 03 Mar 2016)12-43 Inland Barrel, R Front sight, PI Rear Sight PI Op Slide Type-B, IN Hammer, SG Bolt, AI Front Band w/lug, Unmarked Type-B recoil plate, Type-D Potbelly M2 Cutout unmarked stock, Type-D unmarked 4 rivet handguard
Inland3043303Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
Inland3049384Private OwnerGun Shop 
Inland3052580Private Ownergun shop12-43 inland BBL not a post war rebuild
Inland3066222Private OwnerGunbrokerIt has Springfield trigger and stock. The barrel is unmarked and it came with a Quality Hardware 15 round magazine
Inland3069985Private OwnerCMPLocated in Canada
Inland3072253Private OwnerItalian Return Via Midway11-43 Barrel date, type 1A barrel band
Inland3075536Private OwnerPrivate SellerEdit to prior submission on this carbine: Use of hi-intensity light reveals op slide to be Inland, faintly-marked underlined PI.
Inland3080954Private OwnerUnknownCarbine on display at Cu Chi tunnels historic site north of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Inland3083647Private OwnerUSCARBINECAL30M1.COM 
Inland3092801G W WinterMillard Auction House 
Inland3173060Private Ownerunknown 
Inland3175577Private Ownerprivate owner 
Inland4895288Private Ownerestate purchaseThis is my first US Carbine cal.30M1... If and when I purchase another I can call myself a collector...
Inland4914012Private OwnerPrivate OwnerGreat condition with web sling, cloth mag pouch and 3 15rd mags
Inland4926964Private OwnerGun StoreThis one, made around March, 1944, was bought from a private gun shop and has a paper sticker with an Israeli letter and the gun's serial number on the almost oil black buttock. On the other side, stamped into the wood in 3/4 inch numbers, white wax filled, is again the serial number. Beneath that is one of those tiny doughnut shaped binder note book page hole repair stickers. Written on is in tiny Korean is the word "Yebbie Goon" (Reserves) and
Inland4927740Private OwnerLocal Gun StoreBarrel_1-44 Inland Div/General Motors (Light Arlington Ord. stamp) Barrel Band_MM-Q Mag Catch_M, E.I. Trigger Housing_Rock-Ola Bolt_L, AOB Operating Slide_PI Underlined, T D7161849 Gas Piston_ A.I? Stock_LW-B Hammer_AMB Safety_H.T. Rear Sight_Shielded H Bayo-Lug_EM-Q
Inland4936173Private Ownergun storeSG barrel/front sight, arlington ord stamp, J stock
Inland4938132Private OwnerGunshow PurchaseInland receiver, Inland barrel marked 12-43, stamped rear sight, OI marked stock with "P" marked on pistol grip but has slight stamp of 645212 on the buttstock so stock is likely a replacement. Recoil plate is unmarked.
Inland4949642Private OwnerCMP 
Inland4951979Private OwnerPrivate purchaseApparently re-stocked with a checkered fore grip, and a cheekpiece on the rear stock. The top fore stock piece appears original. Barrel is blued where exposed ahead of the fore grip but is not blued within the fore grip. Modern blade front sight, Rear peep sight. Excellent condition and shoots very tight groups at 75 feet when benched.
Inland4952352Private Ownerpawn/gun shopMixmaster carbine with import paratrooper stock. Underwood 1/44 barrel
Inland4961206Private OwnerCMP 
Inland4970978Private OwnerPrivate salepaperweight
Inland4981540Private OwnerGun ShowManufactured circa February of 1944 (barrel dated 1-44), refurbished postwar and sent to Israel. Served with the IDF for 27 years.
Inland4992233Private OwnerCMP 
Inland5004011Private OwnerPrivate SaleM1A1 Configuration
Inland5030905Private OwnerAuctionAI Flat Top Bolt, AI Type 3 Barrel Band, BI marked Gas Cylinder, LR. CO Adjustable rear sight, RO Q Recoil Plate, Type 5 Slide _PI_, Inland BI marked barrel, Serifed C over M Safety
Inland5037511Private OwnerCMP3-44 Inland marked barrel.
Inland5045235Private OwnerGun StoreIt has an Inland Barrel General Motors 3-44 (BI), Flat Bolt (AI), Type II Barrel Band (PI), Type II Rear Sight (PI), Recoil Plate Type III (PI), Type III Stock (OI and Stock has Inland Cartouche), Type II 2-rivet Handguard (OI). Generally in good shape,functions fine, good finish and no import mark or arsenal mark.
Inland5050549Private OwnerGun Store 
Inland5051890Private OwnerGBThis is now a beautiful cutaway, showing all interior operating parts, including the magazine interior spring. Professionally made into an instructional cutaway to show the mechanics of operation and even has a cutaway cartridge in the chamber. The cutaway conversion deactivated the gun, so no FFL required. The hammer does not always catch the sear, otherwise mechanically complete and functions fine. Obviously not safe to fire. Metal has been re
Inland5060149Private OwnerPrivate SaleKentucky
Inland5067021Private Ownerprivate purchasebarrel date of 2-44
Inland5075475Private Ownerprivate saleInland barrel marked 4-44
Inland5085644Watsontown Police Department, PaCMPWatsontown Police Department 318 Main Street Watsontown, Pa 17777
Inland5085867David ShipmanInheritance 
Inland5086356Private OwnerGun StoreInterested in the history of this Carbine
Inland5099656Private OwnerPrivateInland Barrel dated 2-1944, bit of a mix master inside, looks like its seen its fair share of action, but still runs like a champ
Inland5100455Private OwnerGun shopMostly matching
Inland5104278Private OwnerCMP 
Inland5105742Private OwnerPrivate sale. Originally DCM gun '67 
Inland5109134Private OwnerCMPPrivate Owner
Inland5118203Private OwnerBlue Sky Import,It's a Blue Sky Import got from a gun shop in 2004. Barrel marked 4-44 Inland, I rebuilt it years ago with a new stock I finished my self. also have a USGI Inland M1 stock had to replace the junk stock Blue Sky had on it. shoots great.
Inland5127771Matthew BrodieIO Inc, Melbourne FLImported from Ethiopia Barrel dated 4-44 Inland MFG. Div. General Motors
Inland5143170Private OwnerCMPInland Wood Inland barrel 4-44 Complete inland internals.
Inland5146344Private Ownergunshop 
Inland5168123dpd3672CMP AuctionM1A1. Inland 4/44 barrel.

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