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 66 items in 2 pages
IBM3900975SEJGun showIBM Barrel
IBM3901473Private OwnerAUCTIONAll original
IBM3906830Private OwnerCMPBavarian Rural Police 'AO'
IBM3906868Private OwnerCMP 
IBM3908983Private OwnerTrade from Private OwnerBarrel: IBM CORP original/ undated. Original TN Marked flip sight. BEB Trigger Housing. POB Front Sight. LWB 2 rivet Handguard. Wartime Replacement Stock marked IR and flaming Bomb in slingwell. Inspector Cartouche on right side of Stock. EPB Push Safety. PRB Mag catch. Type II Band marked with two // AOB Type IV slide. Round AOB Bolt.
IBM3923299Private OwnerOwner 
IBM3925087Private OwnerPrivate OwnerIBM undated barrel, mostly Inland small parts, B-EB trigger housing, OI stock with RIA over EB on right side, LW-B handguard, IN-B flip sight, great shooter.
IBM3933462Private Ownervarious lists relative to markingsBarrel, receiver, operating slide and bolt are correct. All other parts were replaced during rebuild era.
IBM3937415wstanleyPrivate PurchaseCMP Rifle
IBM3943501Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 1730Catalog Number:SPAR 1730
IBM3944991Springfield Armory MuseumCatalog Number:SPAR 1734Catalog Number:SPAR 1734
IBM3950668Private OwnerGun shopAs issued, all parts IBM, composite trigger housing.
IBM3951327Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
IBM3952235Private Ownerprivate saleall matching
IBM3954617Private OwnerPrivate Sale 
IBM3957722Private OwnerOwneronly non-original parts seem to be the rear sight (Type 3 I.R.CO.), sear (IBM type 1 vice Type 2), and Hand guard (Rock-Ola 2 rivet). All other parts are marked with IBM ‘B’ correct for s/n manufacture timeframe. Jamestown Lounge low wood stock. No US arsenal overhaul marks on stock.

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