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NPM1462853Private OwnerGun ShowBarrel Rock-Ola 1-43
NPM1468329Private Owner DRHPrivate Sale 
NPM1468411Private Ownerparticular spanischcarbine m1 found in an attic in Germany
NPM1471827Paul641Private sale 
NPM1472250Private OwnerGun Show Purchase 1996Buffalo Arms Barrel stamped 6-1943 with N marked front sight. Everything else was a mishmash of other manufacturers. Nice HI stock. Excel/Gardner MA import mark on barrel.
NPM1473204Private OwnerFFLUnderwood 3-43 barrel. I-cut, high wood stock. NPM/FJA Cartouche. Flat NPM bolt. RIA rebuild stamp, only non-matching parts are Inland stamped rear sight and Saginaw butt plate. IN marked oiler.
NPM1491648Private OwnerCMPNorth Store service grade.3-43 underwood barrel. Mix of NPM,winchester, and Inland part's. Inland High wood stock. Jonah at CMP forums
NPM1492065Private OwnerCMPBavarian Rural Police
NPM1494363Private OwnerCMPUnderwood Barrel 6-43
NPM1499190Private OwnerLocal Gun ShowPurchased M1 Carbine from seller at local gun show.
NPM1500124Private OwnerGunBrokerUnderwood barrel, dated 3 or 8 of 1944
NPM1500834Private OwnerPrivate OwnerUnderwood Barrel dated 6-43
NPM1500835Private OwnerVeteran SaleUnderwood Barrel 6-43
NPM1505351Private OwnerCMPBavarian Game Warden marked. Underwood barrel (6-43).
NPM1518912Private OwnerCMP 
NPM1519653Private OwnerGun ShowCarbine demilitarized by government. Cut receiver purchased at gunshow 2015.
NPM1524545Private OwnerPowder Ridge M!Just got this carbine, 3/2022. Have not had enough time to see how correct it is, but it looks pretty original. We'll see. In good shape.
NPM1529067Private OwnerFamily 
NPM1535429Private OwnerGun BrokerUnderwood Barrel dated 3-44, no import marks
QHMC1552900Private OwnerGun shopLocation Western Europe, was in use by Police, barrel marked LV58
QHMC1560916Private OwnerPawn shopbarrel by front sight marked Rockola
QHMC1564267Private OwnerPrivateBarrel Rockola, no date.
QHMC1591241dpd3672Private PurchaseWhite bag carbine from CMP, 11/43 Inland barrel.
QHMC1596002Private OwnerPawn Shop PurchaseThis M1 was transferred to the Detroit Police Department after the war.
QHMC1597528Private OwnerGun ShowGM Barrel dtd May 1943
QHMC1600059Private OwnerGun shopRestored by Dean's Gun Works.
QHMC1604232Private OwnerGB Sale 
QHMC1615126Private OwnerPrivate CollectorAll original except for the furniture. Great shooter with tight groups at 25 and 50 yards. No issues at all.
QHMC1634342Private OwnerCMP purchaseFun to shoot. I have only used reloaded ammo.
QHMC1640287CSKCMP Forum PurchaseMixmaster with potbelly stock.
QHMC1645862Private OwnerPrivate OwnerBarrel Rock-Ola undated, bolt, sear, trigger housing, hammer etc marked Quality, unfortunately in Winchester High-wood stock.
QHMC1651611Private OwnerRelativeBarrel Rockola undated. All parts matching
QHMC1661299Private OwnerRoyal Tiger Imports, 2020Overseas postwar arsenal rebuild with mix of matching and nonmatch parts. All historically correct. Primarily Inland parts. Type 3 stock with mystery stamps, band w/bayonet lug, Marlin barrel w/mystery stamp on gas cylinder, stamped rear and milled front sight, removable recoil spring housing. Type 3 mag catch labeled M AD. Came with USGI Winchester Type 5 mag. Tends to damage nubs on rear of 15rd magazines over time, mags last about 10-15 full r
RMC1668079CMP AuctionCMP AuctionListing # 1341
RMC1686612Private OwnerPrivate Seller 
RMC1691975Private OwnerGun StoreRock-Ola barrel
RMC1699842Private OwnerCMP-AuctionListing No. 4198 "Carbine has an unmarked front sight on a 3-44 dated Underwood barrel with an ME of 0+ and a KI marked type III band. The receiver is set in a high wood oval cut BR-B stock, with an RMC 2 rivet handguard, and unknown recoil plate. It has an E.I. magazine catch and a M in C rotary safety in an Inland trigger housing, with an unknown straight hammer and unknown sear, all kept by a W marked type VI slide. It comes with an I.R.CO. 71
RMC1700702Private Ownerprivateall original parts, good condition
RMC1703537Private OwnerGun ShopLocation Luxembourg, from Italian depot, barrel Rock-Ola undated, Underwood slide Type III, EM-Q flat bolt, Saginaw SG Trigger Guard, NPM Stock
RMC17051032 clicks lowPrivate sale 
RMC1706007Private OwnerPrivate SaleSerial number stamped on left side of stock (Israeli?) Plastic rack number tag screwed to right side of stock-yellow on black
RMC1712899Private OwnerCMPBavarian
RMC1715171Private OwnerPrivate Ownerstill need original trigger, sear, band, and hammer.
RMC1721408Private OwnerPrivate PurchaseUndated Rock-Ola barrel. Stock, hardware and internal parts all marked with RMC codes.
RMC1723592Private OwnerCMPW marked barrel
RMC1728227Private OwnerPrivate SellerRock-Ola barrel
RMC1728593Private OwnerCMPBavarian Rural Police
RMC1729744Private Ownerdad s 
RMC1731714Private OwnerPrivate Individual 

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