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NPM4362317Private OwnerPrivate SaleReceiver: Dec 1943 - May 1944. Back of receiver is marked “U”, Union Switch & Signal contract. Barrel: marked “MARLIN”, undated, short skirt. ME(muzzle erosion)- 2-1/2 Bolt: flat, parkerized, marked “N 14”, NPM Stock: walnut, oval cut low wood M1. Two circled “P” marks on pistol grip, also “10” on pistol grip.
NPM4382110Private OwnerNRA 60s ProgramPurchased in the 60s from the NRA. United Switch and Signal "U" receiver with undated IBM barrel and Type II rear sight
NPM4382858wstanleyPrivate PurchaseNational Postal Meter receiver marked U with Marlin barrel
NPM4386116Private OwnerPrivate OwnerBarrel Marlin undated, Receiver Union-Switch & Signal Subcontract
RMC4537186Private OwnerGun Show Purchase 
RMC4540552Private OwnerPrivate Owner 
RMC4541080Private OwnerCMP 
RMC4542161Private OwnerCMPDad got it for grand-dad, went to uncle, who gave it to me.
RMC4552981Private Ownercenturyrock ola barrel import stamped
RMC4553806Private Ownertulsa gun show 2017this gun still has rock ola barrel . the rest is mostly inland. nice gun though.
RMC4554724Private OwnerBought in private sale Anch. AlaskaUndated Rock-Ola barrel. L flip sight. 2 spot weld M-R front band, push safety, round Rock-Ola bolt, RP front sight, and Rock-Ola lower receiver and slide, R.M.C. marked upper hand guard, original stock split years ago and replaced with S.A. marked potbelly stock rifle I took hunting in 1969. Inherited from my uncle. Beautiful.
RMC4558598Terry WhitePrivate OwnerThe M1 carbine stands as a tribute to American ingenuity. If this old rifle could talk ....
RMC4559482Private OwnerCMPCarbine has no date on the barrel and most parts are Rock-Ola
RMC4560801Private OwnerCMP 
RMC4565388Private Ownerprivate owner 
RMC4575712Private OwnerPrivate sale85-90 percent correct
RMC4579161Private OwnerCMP2-44 rock ola - underwood 6/44 barrel
RMC4580201Private OwnerCMPRockola barrel undated
RMC4581040Private OwnerPrivate saleMix Master Field Grade
RMC4581117Private OwnerCpt Gene Malloy, WWII ItalyCarbine appears to be all correct with round bolt, Type II rear sight and Type II band
RMC4586203dpd3672Private PurchaseInland 6/44 barrel.
RMC4602774Private OwnerPrivateBarrel Rockola, no date. Stock T2 highwood marked RMC boxed with ord wheel. .U. rebuild at wrist
RMC4603392Private OwnerUS ArmyPurchased via NRA 7/67
RMC4615735CarbineBobGun ShopRock-Ola un-dated barrel
RMC4629528Private OwnerPrivate PurchasePart of my inheritance from my step-father. I got it for him in the early 1990's from a friend at APG, MD.
QHMC4641026Private Ownergun shop 
QHMC4651015Private OwnerPrivate OwnerI'm interested in any history or information that anyone could provide to me on this weapon.
QHMC4658457Private OwnerPrivate OwnerPurchased to add Quality Hardware to collection. This rifle has correct Rockola barrel, barrel band bayonet lug and magazine but Saginaw bolt and trigger group. It is in a Saginaw stock/hand guard set with correct SG recoil lug and butt plate. It is a very nice rifle all parts and wood in great shape
QHMC4671105Private OwnerPrivate purchaserebuild; bbl marked SA 8-49; open box SA over H cartouche
QHMC4673592Private OwnerFree MarketGood condition. Good shooter.
QHMC4679349Private OwnerCMP 
QHMC4688244Private OwnerPrivate purchaseIBM no date barrel, EM-Q T3 bolt, T4 Q-TX TH, T3 LT-Q hammer, T3 DA-Q slide, high wood, oval cut Q-RMC stock
QHMC4752436Private OwnerCMP 
QHMC4756895Private OwnerCMP 
QHMC4757067courtjester801CMP Auction
QHMC4760358Private OwnerCMPUnderwood ??-44 marked barrel
QHMC4785611Private OwnerAIM 
QHMC4799384Private OwnerLight import markInland 2-44 barrel, original park
QHMC4799674Private Owner-Desert JimCMPreceived as a gift. No sling or clips.
QHMC4806112Private OwnerCMP 
QHMC4820842Private OwnerGun StoreBlue Sky import
QHMC4824545Private OwnerPrivate SaleQuality Type I receiver w/Spring tube, 2/44 Inland barrel, type I front sight N, Type II Barrel Band unmarked, Type II Flat Bolt EMQ, Type III safety unmarked, Type IIA magazine catch LT-Q,Type IV trigger housing, Type IV slide, Type II trigger LT-Q, Type II Sear GEQ,Type III rear sight IRCO
QHMC4826130Private OwnerPrivate saleAll original except for a type III Underwood bolt and a Inland butt plate.
QHMC4830615Private OwnerInternet saleReceiver: Quality Hardware & Machine Co. Manufacturing dates for Quality Hardware: Last run: Sep43-May44 serial nos. 4632100-4879525. Probable actual production date: April 44. Barrel: Inland Manufacturing Division, General Motors Corp. Dated 2-44 Stock: Type 2. Marked Q-RMC. Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corp. Handguard: 2-rivet. Marked “SG”. Saginaw Gear Mfg Div. ???? “High-wood” style. Front Sight: Marked “PO” Bayonet Lug:

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